Monday, January 16, 2012

Science experiments, Math game, Snow day!

Another week has started, another day finding the right methods for my family, another day being the best we can be, another day of having fun!

While waiting for our Apologia book I'm putting together each week as it comes. Last week, we learned about our state mammal, insect, grass, tree, and bird. This week, I decided we needed to do some experiments!

Our first experiment taught us about density. Nobody thought that an egg would float in water and it didn't. Not in regular tap water. Salt water is more dense than tap water and the egg did float!

Our second experiment taught us about chemical reactions. By mixing lemon juice and baking soda (along with a teeny amount of water) inside an empty soda bottle, we were able to create carbon dioxide. When the gas went to escape the bottle, we capped it with a balloon. Thus allowing it to blow the balloon up- without using our mouths! (Impressive, huh?)

Before moving on in our math curriculum, I wanted to make sure that some basic math facts were known. I know CM isn't a big fan of memorization, but I think it's important to know your multiplication tables. It makes life a whole lot easier! Today was the first day my oldest didn't hate math! I took Charlotte's advice and had smaller lessons. The first "lesson" was actually independent math work while I worked with the others on guided studies. Later, Mistic and I had guided math time where I worked with her on multiplication facts. We played Math War- a card game that was SO much fun! If you haven't heard of it, the directions are at the bottom of this post. I've been printing out fill-in-the-blank time table sheets from Kidzone Times Tables. Slowly Mistic has been making her a copy of her times table for reference. Just another way to learn!

We learned this little diddy today, to help with the 3 times tables.

Put Some More On The Shelf
15, 18, 21, 24
Give me 27 More

Today was suppose to be art day, but I think that might wait until tomorrow. Our study on Claude Monet and learning to draw cartoon faces can wait.


We actually got a fairly decent amount of snow and we were all eager to go out and play in it!


All you need is a deck of cards.

Assign the face cards a value- we just kept it easy and made them all 10 today.

Each person draws one card and at the count of three you both put your card facing down. Whoever multiplies (or adds, subtracts, divides, whatever) the quickest gets to keep both cards. The player with the most cards at the end wins!

You can also search the web for math games using playing cards. I came across math war by doing just that!

Do you have a favorite math game?

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Sennie said...

I really enjoy reading posts about homeschool science. This year two of my kids have been watching a lot of Science Jim's videos online - are you familiar with those? Some free ones on currclick.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

How fun! We've done neither of those experiments, but should! I love the easy-to-pull-together ones! I might have to pull out the cards again! I tried playing Addition War with my youngest - putting down 2 cards each and adding them up; highest number gets all 4 cards - but he wasn't that interested. He's better at addition now though!

Marsha Cooper said...

I remember doing those types of things with my children when they were younger. I sure miss those days!
Thankfully we don't have any snow. Me and cold don't get along. We are having a super mild winter (so far so good anyway)

MissMOE said...

That snow sure looks like fun! We've found a game called Equate that makes math fun.

Adrienne said...

I love the idea of Math war. :0)

I just got a new Apologia Science book for my 1st grader. We have been using Bob Jones, and I like it, but he wants more. BJ seems to just touch the surface this year with science, and he's desperate to learn about animals. So, I decided to go ahead and supplement with Zoo 1. He's so excited already! My oldest uses Apologia for Science too, and loves it.

Stopped by from HHM. :)

Ellen said...

Love finding other homeschoolers out in 'blog-land!' Since we live in GA, we don't get snow days all that often which is too bad because I am a Northern transplant!

Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I'm your newest follower and look forward to more great posts! ~ Ellen

PrairieJenn said...

Looks like a lot of fun and learning going on at your house:) Love all the science experiments!! And the snow too...we're still waiting to see a real snow here!


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