Sunday, January 1, 2012

Slowly going green!

Welcome 2012!

Now that the new year is here it's time to really start living my journey towards being more natural... Our family will be embarking on the Maker's Diet again in a couple of days, in effort to get BACK to where we've been before! Definitely a journey, but we keep working on it.

So besides eating better, what else is there? Well, besides eating a more natural, organic, whole food type diet, you could look at your home and see what needs improving there.

We already use cloth napkins and don't ever buy paper towels. We have kitchen towels designated for spills (typical paper towel use) and then towels for drying off counters, hands, or plates and such. I have a huge stack of washcloths for cleaning dishes or countertops and another stack of washcloths that are used when we use our cleaning spray. Speaking of which, I don't even own Windex- I make my own spray using water, natural dish soap, washing soda, and essential oils. So far, those are excellent changes!

But what's been weighing on me as been how much plastic we're using. Two areas grabbed my attention when I surveyed my kitchen.

  1. storage containers
  2. flour and sugar containers
Over the last week I've changed the situation with my flour and sugar containers. They had been stored in plastic containers- and not the BPA free ones either- and I recently switched them into some glass containers. Not only did it improve my kitchen look (the glass containers just add a certain "prettiness") they are much BETTER for us!

I'm still working on transitioning from the plastic storage containers.... Seriously, they creep me out and I HATE using them, but I'm having trouble finding alternatives. Especially alternatives that don't break the bank. I need something that's reliable for saving leftovers!!! Green suggestions???

A couple other goals that I have are:
  1.  My kids love straws, but I hate using the plastic ones. Not only are they plastic, but they are WASTEFUL! Definitely not green. My goal is to get some glass straws and/or stainless steel. I'll keep you posted on what I decide.
  2. Replacing my microwave with a toaster oven. MUCH better for you! I will probably be replacing it in the next week! Super excited!
Baby steps.... That's all it is, baby steps!

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flmom said...

I have not tried the Strawsome glass straws (I think that's the correct name), but a couple of my bloggy friends love them. As for storage containers for leftovers, I personally love the glass ones made by Snapware. The lids are bpa-free. There are a variety of sizes in rounds and rectangular/squares. They aren't inexpensive, but I have been fortunate to get the ones I have when they were one sale at one of my local supermarkets (Publix). It's been a good investment for me.

By Word of Mouth Musings said...

Being a HUGE consumer of seltzer water - we just purchased a soda stream machine to make our own sparkling water - eliminating a gazillion plastic bottles!!!

Suzie Thomas said...

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