Monday, January 23, 2012

Whoa! I think we're actually learning!!!

I think we're learning!

Shocking, I know!

And maybe Charlotte Mason really did know what she was talking about when she said that lessons needed to be shorter.

We've been doing shorter lessons and LEARNING MORE!

Shocking, I know!

Here are some of the things that are being discussed at Eureka Christian Academy!


The girls did a 'Favorite Vegetable Survey' today, it was definitely easy for my 3rd grader, but just what the younger two needed. The girls had fun calling some relatives and I enjoyed pretending to be different characters to give them more answers. Even Isaiah joined in on the fun and answered with HIS favorite veggie... which, interestingly enough, he doesn't like any vegetable and managed to give each of his sisters a different answer!

We're trying to fine tune some of our math knowledge, such as basic measurements, multiplication, and skip counting! It makes math a whole lot easier if you know the answers to some of these. Funny how often multiplication comes into play in math!

Isaiah is just working on his numbers and counting to 10- without mixing anything up. His favorite activity is placing dried black eye peas on this!
I like it because it works on the one-on-one corresponding skills!

In the midst of copy work, we are learning about sentence structure, parts of the sentence, and sentence types!

Science & History
Today my oldest asked me what we were going to learn about in History tomorrow (History is on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and wanted to know if we were going to keep learning about the 1800s.

My answer was yes!

We've been concentrating in the 1800s while we wait for our Apologia and Mystery of History books to arrive. Today we learned about Samuel Morse.

Watching the video!

The girls thought the Morse Code was the coolest thing and couldn't wait to finish their studies so they could go pass secret notes back and forth to each other! SCORE!!!

We've got US Geography going on, states and capitals... Louis Pasteur to study about on Wednesday! I absolutely love that we all enjoy these studies!

We finally got our study about Claude Monet in today. It was suppose to happen last week, but, well... didn't.

We also learned how to draw cartoon faces!

While the girls were learning tips to draw cartoon faces, Isaiah was busy coloring on the floor. Little did I know he was working on a true masterpiece!

Wow! What an airplane!

Preschool Learning!

I recently purchased the book, Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons. Isaiah has been wanting to read for a few months. I know he just turned 4 and I don't want to push him, but he's like a little sponge, always absorbing whatever I tell him. Today we tried lesson 1- just for fun. It went over really well!

It was on the letter M and the letter S and the sounds they make. Shockingly, he picked it up. Quickly! Even this evening he was able to tell me what sounds they made... He learned something! We wrote the letters, made the letter sounds, and just enjoyed our "reading" lesson. I'm curious to see how he picks this up... or if we end up waiting!

The boy never ceases to amaze me...

Typical Day

8:15am Bible time/Prayer time-This time has been a wonderful way to start our day! Daddy joins us for this time! Here lately we've been learning about different parables that Jesus told. Prayer time is special because the kids offer up prayer requests- sometimes they want to pray for their grandparents and sometimes they want to pray for those who are sick. It is such a sweet, sweet time!

8:30am Copy work-Here lately we've been copying our memory verse, but tomorrow we'll work at copying the famous words first sent over the telegraph from Samuel Morse, "What God hath wrought". Copy work is a time for the children to concentrate on neatness, as well as parts of a sentence, etc...

8:45am Isaiah (free), Faith/Aspen read together, Mistic- Math (w/Mom)

9:15am- Science/History Probably the favorite part of the day!

10am- Math (all)

10:20am- Isaiah (TV-educational), Literature- Girls We've currently been reading "Pocahontas" which is part of the Childhood of Famous American series. It's a historical fiction book. We also use this time for narration.

10:50am- Faith and Aspen take turns reading aloud, Mistic reads silently Mistic has recently started reading "Alice in Wonderland"

We usually finish by 11:30am. Today from 11:30am-12pm I worked with Isaiah on his "reading" and Faith on a few words that she struggled with during reading.

Monday is art day.
Tuesday is nature study day.
Wednesday is hymn study day.
Friday is grocery shopping day.

And that's just the structured learning.

So yeah, I think we're learning!

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