Thursday, February 9, 2012

How To Love Your Children

I fail my children all the time.

And it breaks my heart.

Nightly I pray that I will be a better mother.

Every day I make mistakes.

Every day I pray that my mistakes don't scar my children.

Being a mother is tough!

Despite all my failings, my children seem to be happy and still seem to love me.

I'm not perfect, but some of the things I do try to do in order to show my beautiful blessings how much I truly do love them are:

Look at them! This is so easy not to do. Let's face it, moms are always busy! Washing dishes, picking up messes, blogging a helpful post, teaching, leading. It can be so easy to just hear them without really hearing them. STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND LOOK AT THEM! I know I yelled, but I really wanted to make this point. I am a techno-freak! I have a great relationship with my computer and my smart phone, and I'm a very busy person tending to the four blessings, their daddy, and a million and one responsibilities! When it's possible, look at your sweeties. Stop typing. Stop washing. And listen to them! They just want to share their heart with you. I truly understanding that you can't always stop to listen, but make a bigger effort! You're kids will love you for it!

Let them help! Cook dinner in 20 minutes or 40 minutes? Hmmmm.... Which one to do? Get into the habit of letting them help, even if it does take longer to accomplish something! I know I get so frustrated trying to get everything done and sometimes the thought of little helpers just make it worse, but what I have to remind myself of is that they are my blessings and it's up to me to show them I care! Bond with them over setting the table, folding towels, or planning a grocery menu! Sure, it'll take longer, but trust me... The time spent with them will be set in their minds for a lifetime! They'll know that Mom isn't too busy for them! As an added bonus, you are teaching them life skills that they'll carry with them forever. I love the fact that my children will one day make bread and think of me, or fondly remember the times we spent laughing as we folded clothes!

Check in on them! This is a big one, especially if you have multiple children! When you seek them out, it will make their day! It's easy to get lost in the confusion of a busy house, but believe me, if you make it a habit to check in on your children they will know forever that mom cares. I love one on one time with my blessings. It doesn't always happen often, but I take it when I can! You learn so much about them! Don't let your child get lost in life!

Be patient! I realize all too well that this is easier said than done. But hear me when I tell you that if you want your children to know that you love them, then you must learn to be patient. Every time you raise your voice in frustration or anger, every time you let frustration or anger show on your face, you crush your blessings. We're all guilty of this and this should be an area we all are constantly praying about. Yep, I know, I know... You just swept the floor and they tracked in mud. You just fixed a wonderful meal and they won't eat. You just want sleep. You broke up fights all day. You've told them a million times. Every time you allow your frustration to show to your blessings you crush them! You have no idea what a little patience does for your little blessings. Love them by being patient, even during the hard times. Love them by being patient, especially during the hard times!


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Anne @ Quick and Easy Cheap and Healthy said...

Oh, I love these tips! I can so identify with your opening statements, and yet I feel these goals are very attainable. Will definitely put them into practice!


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