Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's War!

While I can't take credit for the game, I will say that this game has really saved us from the monotony of paperwork!

It's easy and fun! Win-win!

It's called War. Math War.

Take a deck (or two or three) and divide evenly among the players. This game is best played with smaller groups, two or three people are ultimate, unless you do have a big stack of cards. This game is perfect for the decks who are missing a few cards, because it doesn't matter if you have a perfect deck or not!

Assign the Ace, King, Queen, and Jack with a value. Those new to math, keep it simple. Make the Ace 1 and King, Queen, and Jack as 10. If you want more of a challenge, assign them as you would normally- Ace=1, Jack=10, Queen=11, and King=12.

Next step? Decide if you are adding, subtracting, or multiplying. I'm sure you could also use it to divide or a multitude of other math games. You just have to be creative!

We played Subtraction Wars all together, but before the youngers joined in, my daughter and I played Multiplication War.

After dividing the deck of cards evenly and assigning the face cards, each player turns over two cards- at the same time.

From there, each player subtracts (Or adds, multiplies, whatever) and whoever has the HIGHEST value gets ALL the cards. Of course, the winner is the one with the most when the cards run out.

Simple, huh?

I like it because it isn't a timed game, although you most certainly could time it. It allows the ones who struggle to take their time, do their math correctly, and not lose if they don't beat a time!

We love it!

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