Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Another Homeschool Day

Mistic recently requested that we learn about pipes. I'm happy to say that we had a pipe lesson this morning and it turned out really fun! We started off with a basic YouTube video that showed some plumbing pipes, before the walls, sinks, and shower was in place. The hubby took over the lesson once the video was over. Our house was perfect to explore more about pipes, given that we can visibly see the pipes from the basement! The kids learned the differences in PVC and copper, and why you would use copper pipes instead of iron pipes. Once they were done exploring under the cabinets, they returned back to me! I was waiting with a fun project that scored me some major mommy points!

In honor of Dr. Suess' birthday this week, we are doing all sorts of fun Dr. Suess activities! Our copy work each day will be a quote.

Faith and Aspen busy doing copy work while Isaiah works on "e for Elephant" which goes great with our reading lessons AND hey! Horton was an elephant!

We still haven't found a math that we just love, so Michelle over at The Holistic Homeschooler
sugggested that we give Khan Academy a try.

Although, for some of the kids we'll keep using what we have for now.

Thank goodness, preschool math doesn't require much!

Home economics are always happening at our house. Today we tried a new bread recipe.

Super proud of Faith! She read a book to Isaiah and did beautifully! Just another reminder why homeschooling works for us! No, this book was not a 2nd grade level book, but it was the perfect choice for Faith. Not too easy she breezed through it, but not too hard she stumbled!

Putting our magnetic US Geography map to use!

Like I said... It's just another day around here!

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