Friday, February 10, 2012

Menu Plan: February 11th-17th

I get so tired of eating the same old things so I'm constantly on the look out for new recipes or menu ideas!

Dinner: Alfredo with homemade sauce(I know, it was on the menu last week, but we ended up having something different, so alfredo it is!)

Dinner:Baked chicken, sweet potato fries, veggies

Breakfast: Muffins (cinnamon brown sugar or lemon poppy seed- pre-made and frozen)
Lunch: Sloppy Joes
Dinner: Steak, mock potatoes, veggies

Breakfast: Biscuits and eggs (biscuits have been pre-made and are frozen)
Lunch: Grilled chicken strips and veggies
Dinner: 4 Bean Chili

Tuesday ~Happy Valentine's Day~
Breakfast: Heart-shaped pancakes
Lunch: Chocolate dipped strawberries, heart-shaped cinnamon toast, salsa and chips, and chocolate XO's!
Dinner: Spaghetti & Lasagna (pre-made and frozen)

Breakfast: Banana Blueberry Bread
Lunch: Pizza (dough has been pre-made and frozen)
Dinner: Chicken Salad (on lettuce for adults/on homemade bread for kids)

Breakfast: French Toast Sticks
Lunch: Hot Dog and Spaghetti Spiders (thank you Pinterest!)
Dinner: Grilled chicken burritos/Tacos

The girls and I did a lot of baking this week. We've stocked our freezer with muffins, bread, and frozen pancakes/waffles to make the week easier! And healthier!

What's cooking at your house?

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Jenni said...

I love your Valentine's Day meal ideas! :)


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