Thursday, February 9, 2012

My favorite boy!

The hubby and I thought our family was finished after the birth of our third daughter. We were done! Finished! Ready to move on to the next chapter! God had other plans for us though. A little after two years of being "done" our fourth child was born.

A son!

I was overjoyed! Finally my husband would have someone to hang with and bond like I did with our girls! Little did I know the impact that having a boy join our family would have on everyone!

All too often I hear people remark about "poor Isaiah... growing up with all those sisters". To which I often times laugh out loud! I tell people that Isaiah alone balances out the three sisters!

I was so excited when I saw the Let's Hear It For The Boys! link-up over at The Mob Society! A place for MOB (Moms of Boys) to brag for a few minutes on their precious sons!

I so proud to be Isaiah's mom. He amazes me with his character.

He is one funny, yet sweet little boy!

Incredibly creative and smart!

He flies through the house with the speed of Superman! He loves villains almost as much as the "good guys". He is the definition of boy and he's all mine!

Oh, and if you ever meet him, be sure to ask him about his red house. You know, the one with a room for every person, a never-ending supply of ketchup, and a swimming pool. The house that he's bought. And wouldn't you know, in this house has EVERYTHING that mommy's house has ran out of! ;-)

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Tammy said...

He looks like a lot of fun! I have an Isaiah, too (but he's 21!).


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