Sunday, February 26, 2012

Term II

My wonderful husband and I decided to school year round allowing plenty of breaks for our schedule. It works out great considering we have a couple week trip (church business) in June and another couple week trip (visiting family) in September! It also gives me some creativity in planning our school lessons and, quite frankly, allows for the kids not to "forget" things!

I've divided the year into terms and we officially begin our year round school schedule in April.

Term II runs from April-July.

Term II
History:We begin Mystery of History, Volume 1, Creation to Christ. I chose Mystery of History because of the chronological approach to History and the fact that it is designed for families with multiple aged children. It has activities divided into younger, middle, and older age groups which allow us to all sit down and learn, but then try activities designed for the appropriate age group. I'm not left wondering how to make this easier, or harder! We will do History on Tuesdays and Thursdays like we have been since resuming school after Christmas break.

Geography: With our traveling later on in the year, I want to make sure the children have an understanding of US Geography. In addition to any geography we learn about in MoH, we will be going through some of the lesson plans outlined at Discovery Education. The Midwest, South, and West are a few lessons, as well as continuing working on states and capitals. This is especially good information to know since a few of our stops will be in the state capital!

Science: Apologia's Exploring Creation with Astronomy. Again, I chose this due to the same reasons as Mystery of History, it works with multiple age groups! It also allows you to take as much time needed to thoroughly study a topic. Just like MoH, it gives you plenty of activities to do so you aren't left wondering how to expand a topic! We will be doing this study on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Math: Still undecided on what approach to take here. Most of the "recommended" math curriculums are out of my price range. A few of my children don't do especially well with mundane textbooks either. Part of March will be spent testing out some different approaches and ideas.

Copy work: I love that copy work teaches spelling, English, and handwriting! Some of the verses that we will be working on are Psalm 23 (6 verses), Psalm 24 (10 verses), and Psalm 25 (22 verses). Apologia also includes copy work.

Book of mottos (Mistic): This is a Charlotte Mason approach, but I so totally love it! It's exactly what it says it is... a book of mottos! Sayings and phrases that she finds inspirational, exciting, or neat! With everything from CM, your best is expected so it also fine tunes handwriting.

English and Grammar: We will be doing no formal training, instead we will concentrate on learning parts of speech, types of sentences, etc… and spelling by using dictation/copy work. I am researching the book, Grammar Land that would be used for Mistic.

Spelling: With copy work you are getting spelling, but we will also be doing some prepared dictation for all the girls using shorter sentences for Faith and Aspen and longer for Mistic.

Literature: Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

Mistic’s Reading List
*These books will most likely be part of her independent reading followed up by dictation*
Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Pollyanna by Eleanor Porter

Faith’s Reading List
*This book will be read to her*
A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Aspen’s Reading List
*This book will be read to her*
A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Isaiah’s Reading List
*These books will be read to him*
Beatrix Potter books

For my struggling reader, we will be working on Dolch sight words. For oral reading, Mistic will read some of our texts for us while Faith and Aspen will read a variety of appropriate level books.

Poetry: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Nature Study: Handbook of Nature Study

Art and Artists: To be determined

Hymn Study: To be determined

Shakespeare: Introducing Shakespeare Successfully is the book I'm leaning towards purchasing. The play we hope to study? A Mid-Summer Night's Dream!

Scripture Memorization: Psalms 23

Character Development: Children’s Book of Virtues, if I can find a copy.

Health: Required by my state to teach, but I'm undecided on the "curriculum".

Handicraft: Cross-stitch (Mistic), sewing (Faith/Aspen)- maybe!

This is just an idea, things are subject to change. I'm quite sure things will be added and taken away as seen fit!


Michelle said...

Looks like you're well on your way :-)

Tasha said...

Hey there! We are also Charlotte Mason-y! And I also have 4 kiddos! How old are your kids?


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