Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kindle Fire, Tag, and School

We got the Kindle Fire about a month ago. My husband and I debated for a while if this purchase would truly be a benefit to the whole family. I'm a bit of a techno freak and I didn't want to spend a couple hundred dollars on ME! It took us a little bit to come to the conclusion that yes, indeed, the purchase would benefit Eureka Christian School. We took the plunge and bought one.

How do we use it though?

A few of our favorite apps are:
Math Tetris. This game makes addition fun! You can only make the bricks go away if they match the number you're trying to reach. A 2 brick and a 8 brick have to be side by side if you are aiming for 10.

Zoodles is many games in one! It has a child lock and you can customize each child. In the parent control, you are able increase the math games or decrease the amount of phonic games. What I truly appreciate about the parent control is the fact that I can add any other app to their mode so that they can play games without messing anything up. Perfect for the Angry Bird lover!

iStoryBooks allows your child to read or be read to! We use this sometimes when I am working one on one with another child. Great book selection, too!

Best thing about the above apps? As of February 22nd, 2012 they were all free!

We also use the Bible and Weather Channel apps often! My 8 year old enjoys checking the weather and by using The Weather Channel she's able to see for herself what the weather forecast is! Especially beneficial when you live in an area where there is NO local weather on the news! (I mean, there isn't even local news!!!)

The Kindle Fire is excellent for reading (love being able to see COLOR on it!) and the multitude of apps that are available is astonishing! It truly is something for everyone!

While this isn't as impressive as the Fire, it's still a little bit of technology that we use during school.

The Leapfrog Tag system has been a great way to keep my 4 year old happy while I'm working with his older sisters.

It's a great tool to encourage the love of reading! It makes noises, reads words, and teaches him the concept of reading!

A little bit of technology never hurts! Especially if you diligent about what you chose!

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