Thursday, March 15, 2012

My love affair with a mason jar!

I use to think mason jars were only used for canning.

I grew up in the South, so I also thought only hillbillies drank from them instead of the sophisticated glass.

Boy, was I WRONG!!!

We all know that plastic isn't good for us and there are even debates if BPA-free plastic is better or not. Honestly, it gives me shivers to store left over food in a plastic tupperware container. Recently though, I've thrown out all my nasty, disgusting plastic storage containers (and then did a happy dance) and replaced them with glass mason jars!

Look how beautiful the strawberries are placed in a jar! It's easy to see what I have in the fridge, too.

For our recent picnic, I used mason jars to put together a salad for me and my daughter.

And yes, we drank from them, too! (Did I mention, we are from the South!)

Mason jars have so many more uses, though!

You can use them to store items in your pantry- like beans and rice.

It can become your piggy bank for loose change.

Since they can withstand high heat and freezer temps, they truly are perfect food storage containers!

They are the perfect addition for the classroom- from holding pens and pencils to keeping your manipulatives neat and orderly.

My children enjoy catching grasshoppers during the summer and these jars make perfect "homes" for them. Of course, I'd recommend having special outside jars and not use the same ones to catch grasshoppers that you'd drink from!

There are a TON of crafty ideas out there for these wonderful jars! Lanterns, flower pots, light fixtures?

Seriously... the list goes on and on!

How do you use mason jars?

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Rachel Q said...

Just came across your blog, and I love it. This is a great article. I love mason jars, too! I just used them w/ my Sunday school class to make Mother's Day flower pots for their moms =) Keep up the great work!


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