Friday, March 9, 2012

Nature Day, 3 Rs, and Plans

In my life this week… we've been taking advantage of homeschool flexibility as well as some beautiful spring like weather. After a week of *almost* non-stop brutal wind, Monday began the week with almost 70 degree temps and next to no wind! We took full advantage of it by putting our book work to the side and declaring it our nature day! We grabbed some notebooks, colored pencils, and a picnic lunch and headed out. We spent FIVE hours out. It was divine!

In our homeschool this week… Besides our nature day, the rest of our homeschool week has been basic. I've only concentrated on the three R's, although we've gotten a good dose of Science (thank you, nature day) and History (thanks to our reading about Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address). It's been refreshing for us to be keeping it simple. We've had more opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather. Our new term begins in April so the next couple weeks of March will be simple, preparing us for a fresh start with a new (and more intense) term!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… Be okay with letting your children be children! I know we all have set a schedule that helps keep our children on track, but sometimes it is okay to set that to the side and just let them play! Let them play in the dirt. In the mud. In the rain. In the snow. In the sun. (or in the house, with the playdoh, with the Wii, with the special markers)

My favorite thing this week was… Seeing my kid's faces light up when I told them about our nature day. It was SO much fun to make the picnic lunch together and to just spend that time together as a family.

What’s working/not working for us… For us, textbooks aren't working. It's important that I find a good balance so that my children DO know how to sit and work problems should they ever need to, but especially at this age, I'm realizing that it isn't so necessary. Doing math online, reading a living book about English, or utilizing You Tube videos can really help enhance learning. It isn't all about a textbook!

Things I’m working on… Lately, I've been putting the finishing touches on our new term. I've had to re-do our schedule, make sure we've got the books we need, and make sure that I'm properly challenging each child! Although this is Term II, it's our first term completely utilizing Charlotte Mason. It's also the first term that takes us into our year-round school schedule! This term runs from the first of April to the end of June! We won't be stopping when everyone else gets out in May. It will be a bit crazy, but I definitely see it working for us!

I’m reading… I keep saying that I need to make a bigger effort to sit and read.... and I do.... but I don't....

I’m cooking… NOTHING! Ok, well, that's not entirely true. I'm also cooking something because we cook a lot from scratch, but I'm not baking. Why? Because the hubby and I are TRYING to be healthier and lose some weight.... and if I'm always baking or cooking something we won't! I'm only cooking what is necessary for our meals!

I’m grateful for… People who stand firm for what they believe! Kirk Cameron has stood up lately for his beliefs and he's received a lot of grief about it. Kudos to him, though! I had a controversial post last week and lost a "friend" due to it. It's time for people, especially Christians, to stand up for what they believe in!

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Stacie said...


I enjoyed reading your post. (I found you through The Homeschool Chick link-up!)

Great advice on letting the kids be kids. . .we've had warmer weather this week and my kiddos took full advantage!

And I agree with you whole heartedly. . .as Christians we must make a stand for Him, no matter how unpopular it is.

Take care,


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