Friday, April 27, 2012


Homeschooling equals flexibility.

Flexibility to adjust to your own needs.

Flexibility to fly by the seat of your pants (at least sometimes).

Flexibility to cater to the students needs.

Flexibility to throw caution to the wind and run!


Lately, we have really been enjoying the flexibility that comes with home educating our children. We've taken off for birthdays, we've set aside the "formal learning" to have our Science lesson on the trampoline and then spending time working on gardening and yard work. We "do school" by skip counting while handing mom clothes to hang on the line. Life becomes our school. It's a gift that is given with flexibility.

I've mentioned that this is our first year to school year round and it excites me! I'm not tied into certain dates and deadlines. School truly does become more than just information. School becomes life.

I just want to encourage other homeschool parents to be okay with flexibility. I know that there is a wide variety of homeschoolers out there- some unschool, some do Charlotte Mason, some do more of a "school at home", but regardless of what classification you fall under, be careful that you aren't too caught up in that particular structure that you forget to be flexible.

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