Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Maker's Diet Spring Cleanse

I really like Jordan Rubin's The Maker's Diet book. He has one for weight loss, too! I like how he encourages you to get rid of toxins- not just in your food, but in your house as well. I was introduced to his book about 5 years ago and fell in love! I'm a "slowly natural" type of person. It takes me a while to really get the hang of healthy living. I still revert back to my old, non-healthy, non-natural ways WAY too often! Anyway, that's beside the point.

Anyway, about 5 years ago my whole family did the 40 days that he outlined in his book. It was broken down into 3 two week phases and really laid out the food we should, and shouldn't be, eating! No, we're not Jewish, but the principles were there. We gave up pork, shrimp, highly processed foods, etc... and concentrated on fruits, veggies, grass-fed beef, etc! Imagine that, a "lifestyle" book implementing everything that we know to be true and good. Food is fuel. Exercise. Get rid of the toxins in your household cleaners. Beware of beauty products, read labels, the list went on and on!

I had great success sticking with that lifestyle, lost quite a bit of weight, and my whole family was incredibly healthy!

Well.... those circumstances changed, we moved, got into stressful ministry situations, had a surprise pregnancy blessing, and I walked away from many of my natural living, healthy lifestyle beliefs. I gained weight. And more weight. And kept it on.

This time, my head's in the game. Yes, I've eliminated a lot of our toxins before now. I make my own cleaning products, we do try to watch the amount of processed foods, and I try to eliminate restrict the amount of food dyes, sugars, and whatnot that we, as a family, eat.

Monday I began the seasonal cleanse that Jordan Rubin outlined in his book The Maker's Diet for Weight Loss. Now, the cleanse is suppose to last for 10 days, but my husband and I are only doing 6. A more compact version. Why? Because there's Easter this week, and the next week holds two birthdays, and...

Monday was tough. I craved EVERY BAD FOOD I COULD. I really need this cleanse. It will help get me back on track with healthy eating as well as eliminate the toxins from my body. It should prove to be a good jump start to a more natural approach to life again!

I know life happens and that it probably isn't realistic to avoid a store bought birthday cake forever, but I sure can try to get back to that lifestyle I was living when I first started The Maker's Diet. I look forward to it!

How was day 1?
I won't lie. Day 1 is the toughest! Your body is going through withdrawals! This is a good thing! I know, I know... you might not believe it when you are detoxing and threatening your husband if he doesn't bring home some chocolate, but it is! Day 2 might not be any better. Eventually though, your body will come through the detox and you will find that you aren't craving any of the bad stuff anymore. You'll be more clear-headed and have more energy! After a cleanse, you can go on to phase 1 (of either the original 40 days or the one for Weight Loss) or straight to phase 3.

For day 1, I ate fruit for my breakfast and mid-morning snack. Chicken soup for lunch, mid-afternoon snack, and dinner. Thankfully, you get to add salad to your dinner after day 4 (we add it back day 3 for our condensed version). It does get challenging to just eat soup. I don't mind the fruit. The winter one had no fruit, just soup and salad. The soup is great though, it's a great cleansing healing soup! You take a whole chicken and simmer it for 12+ hours! That broth is practically liquid gold after that! But you've added all sorts of organic veggies, coconut oil, and ginger to it!

Here's to a healthier April!

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Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I've read "The Maker's Diet" and "Perfect Weight America" by Jordan Rubin. They're great books. I have another one that he wrote specifically for women, too. I wish you all the best on this. I'll totally support you, too. I'm following the GAPS diet to heal gut issues, and many of the principles are the same. i'm having a hard time staying away from coffee. It leads to other stuff like croissants etc...so for me, I need to avoid it ;) :) Keep me updated on how your journey with the Maker's Diet goes. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)


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