Tuesday, May 22, 2012

As We Journey Year Round

I've mentioned before that we've switched to a year round school schedule. I know there was a time where I couldn't even imagine not taking off 2 1/2 months during the summer. I couldn't even picture it working for us! My kids would hate it. I would hate it!


I'm really liking it!

I'm seeing that a more relaxed together approach works for us! We've been starting our mornings with Bible reading, but not with Daddy reading. Mistic decided one day that she wanted to do it. She chooses the passage and reads it all. I can't describe how much I love listening to her read from the KJV Bible! On top of it, because we've relaxed a little, the readings are lasting a little longer and we actually get to have discussions! There is nothing more amazing than knowing that you are planting seeds in your children. I don't care if you homeschool or send your kids to the public school, please have regular Bible time with them! Pray with them. Pray for them. Read the Bible to them. Let them read to you. Start young! Even little babies love to hear mommy and daddy's voices.

After we get done with our Bible time, we move to either Science or History. Some days we do the activities that either one suggests we do- from adding to our Science notebooks, making cards for History, or an actual hands on project.

Other days we simply read from our books. We are really enjoying both the Mystery of History and Apologia Astronomy studies! They are creating a foundation in our lives that totally coincide with our Christian beliefs. These studies are making an impact in my young children. We've studied the Ice Age and dinosaurs and can tell you why we do believe in them. We can tell you why the earth isn't millions of years old and why Mercury looks the way it does.

Seriously, creating a bond of learning together has strengthened our family unit.

We work on math and reading, too. Just in different ways. Some days we may do flashcards. Other days we might do our usual math. Some days we practice skip counting or multiplication while we hang the laundry on the line. We also practice our handwriting, just nothing formal. Thank you notes, grocery lists, and letters help us learn.

Mistic does her math online as well as her typing lesson.

Here's the thing though... Even with a lighter summer load, a less structured, more flexible schedule, we are still learning so much!

See... We had company a week ago and we took a trip (again) through the Black Hills, Badlands, and Mt. Rushmore. Every single time we go there, we learn more!

Next month we get to take a road trip to California, hitting Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, and Colorado. We are going because of church business, but are taking a couple days after the meetings to visit Yosemite. We're so very excited to see the giant sequoias! Round trip we'll be gone for about two weeks. Absolutely amazing what we will learn from this trip.

September we will take off the entire month from any formal learning to go back to visit family in Arkansas. A trip to the Science museum is on my list, plus, it's another road trip so we get to see a lot. I don't have to worry about those four weeks off though, because we will do formal learning in July and August!

I'm sure we'll all be ready for a more in depth schedule come fall, but for now, I'm really enjoying sitting around and reading with the kids. Learning as we go. Discussing what we've learned and why we should know it. I'm enjoying these moments of bonding with the kids. I'm enjoying planting the seeds.

Do you homeschool year round or do you have a set schedule?

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Ashley Pichea said...

Since we have a "semi-unschooling" approach {which sounds a lot like what you're doing right now}, learning happens year-round, even if we don't "schedule it." I love finding "ways to learn" as we do life!

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

We do most of our more formal academics during our summer months and take time off during the rest of the year to play, explore and have more natural learning experiences. We live in the desert though and there just isn't much to do when it is 115 outside! :)

I love hearing how others approach their homeschooling journey. Thanks for sharing!


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