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{{Guest Post}} Learning To Seek Him

Today I have a very special guest post! I was blessed to meet her and her family at a church my husband and I joined before entering the mission field. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and I thank her for sharing her testimony. Friends, it is not easy to seek God- especially when He asks you to do things that you don't want to do. Miss Lindsey shares her personal story with us, and I can't thank her enough for doing so! We need more young people who are truly willing to seek Him. ~Erika

I was saved when I was five, and I can't remember a time, even before that, when I didn't love God. Of course, that is mostly due to the fact that I was blessed with church going, God-loving parents, who shared Jesus with me, but after I was saved, my love for Him naturally exploded, and I began seeking Him for myself. When I was about seven or eight, I started having my own quiet time (this was before I knew that such a thing already existed!), and my dad got me a journal -which I rediscovered the other day- to use during those times. I had forgotten just how sweet and childlike my love for, and faith in Jesus was until I read the entries, in all of their sloppy, miss-spelled simplicity.

The years between sixth and eighth grades, were full of me fighting a losing battle, against my awkward stage, and attempting to make myself like the other girls in my class, who seemed to have everything together. The journal that I kept during this time is a roller coaster of emotion; some days elated that this guy had said hi, or this friend had been nice, and others, sad, angry, and hurt over this person seeming to ignore me, or my sister being mean. (It gives me a headache to read it now!)

As hard as this time was, the time of real testing and turning came a couple of weeks after eighth grade ended, when things had begun to settle down, and I was finally creeping out of my awkward stage. I had been to my piano recital, and while my grandparents were talking to my parents in the dining room, my sister and I turned on a movie in the computer room. During one of the commercials I logged onto my email, to check it once more before bed, and there in my inbox was a message from the guy I had secretly had a crush on since I was seven, and he was asking me to be his girlfriend! I said yes.

He was really a wonderful, sweet guy, that respected me, and that I thought I loved. I began centering my little world around him. I would spend hours every day on the phone with him, and go to his house (yes his parents were there) every week or so, in addition to seeing him at church. About a year into our relationship, the Lord began to challenge me about the amount of time and energy I was investing in this guy. I started pushing away from the relationship a little bit, and trying to seek God's will, and I found it. I found it, but when God challenged me to break up with him and begin building my life around Christ I didn't want to obey. I fought His will for eight more miserable months, before I finally gathered the courage to break up with this guy, and I can truly say, I have never regretted it.

Since then, God has been faithfully teaching me how to build my life around Him, how to seek Him first, and above all else. Often, I push against His will, (as though I hadn't learned my lesson), and shrink from dying to my own dreams and desires, but He is so faithful, so, so faithful to me. Every day, through every decision, he is teaching and reminding me, that if I will lay my trust in Him, as I did when I was a child, then He will be all that I need. Oh, that I could ever think of doing anything but praising my faithful Savior. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lindsey Wright is 17 years old, and is blessed with an incredibly wonderful family that consists of her mom and dad, her two younger sisters, and two crazy cats; not to mention her large, loud, and loving extended family. Her passions are reading, writing, and baking. And though she loves the Lord, she is not always perfect, so she hopes you'll forgive her when she falters, and continue to lift her up in prayer. She blogs over at A Seal Upon My Heart.
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Michelle @ Changed By The Maker said...

Hey Erika, just so you are aware, the url you posted at Make Life Meaningful Monday does not link directly to this post but to the post about wearing skirts. I had to look around a bit to find this. Now I have to go and read the post!

Michelle @ Changed By The Maker said...

I appreciated your honesty, Lindsey, about the difficulty of following Christ through those young years. I was not a Christian when I was that young, so it was interesting for me to read that added element as you encountered peer pressure and adolescents. I guess faith in Christ doesn't just remove those challenges, but you found him, as we all have, faithful through your struggles. Thanks for sharing!

Lindsey Elise said...

Thank you Michelle, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Shannon said...

Lovely post. :-) Stopping by via the Raising Homemakers link-up! :-)

Have a *wonderful* day and God bless,

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