Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Peak Into My Bathroom

Today I'm sharing a peak into my medicine cabinet as well as some body care products that I use.

First, let's open up the medicine cabinet.

I'll be honest, I do have a few non-holistic, non-natural, over-the-counter medicines, but over time they are slowly being replaced as I find suitable (workable) replacements. This is a journey for me and I'm still learning and changing.

(Starting left to right): Vitamin E oil, Tropical Traditions Massaging Oil, organic spearmint essential oil, children's cough medicine, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, collodial silver, tea tree oil, peppermint essential oil, Hyland's earache tabs and drops, Like A Mustard Seed's Green Bandage, sweet oil essential oil, castor oil

These are just some of the natural things I use when fevers, colds, tummy aches, ear infections, congestion, or other icky things attack us! I used the spearmint oil when I made my own toothpaste. Vitamin E is great for burns, but also great if you make your own lotion or other skincare products! I really like Naturade Children's Expectorant. It isn't something we always use, but have in the past with great results. It really does help to break up the congestion and clear out the mucus as well as soothes a cough helping them get some sleep at night! The ingredients are simple and easy to read, including ingredients like peppermint leaf extract and wild cherry bark extract.

An absolute must have is the tea tree oil. It's great to apply to cuts, but it's also good for acne! My 9 year old has just started having a few pimples and by applying this gentle strength of tea tree oil directly to the pimple we are able to avoid using strong chemicals!

A new item recently added to my medicine cabinet is the Green Bandage. This is some amazing stuff! It's truly a multi-purposeful item: eczema, skinned knee, poison ivy, bug bites, you name it!

The castor oil is for castor oil packs, to help treat pain.

Many of the essential oils help with tummy problems, headaches, and cramps. I rarely give my kids Tylenol anymore (I use to give them it way too often). Instead, lavender essential oil on a wet rag will help their headaches, tummy aches, and relax them. Of course, I've noticed that my medicine cabinet isn't limited to just the bathroom- honey, peppermint tea, etc are located in the kitchen and can compliment the essential oils.

Deodorant was one of the first changes I made in my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I don't even remember the last time I bought something like Secret. I haven't even walked down the deodorant aisle in ages! When my kids reach the age to where the need something, they will use a natural one like I do. Tom of Maine's is one that I really like. It works great and is a decent price! Notice that it's aluminum free. There are some recipes to make your own deodorant, and I've heard that straight coconut oil works as well. For now, this is what I use and love.

Burt's Bees is my choice for lip balm right now. I'd eventually like to make my own, but I really like the peppermint cooling sensation that I get with this one!

And what's a peak into the bathroom without checking out the toothpaste and hand soap, right?

I scored a major deal on the Seventh Generation hand wash one day while grocery shopping! I walked away with about 6 containers, the sale was that awesome! Toothpaste isn't something that we're die hard about. Like I mentioned, I've made some, but I was the only one who liked it. Nature's Gate, Tom of Maines, or Kiss My Face are the brands we tend to use- and they are always fluoride-free. Always.

Little changes sure do add up.... No Colgate, Secret, Clearasil, very few over the counter medicines. Yay for me, right?!

Where are you with a natural bathroom? Are you less than me? More than me? Just like me? Any tips for the next step?

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Anita said...

I been using my homemade hard lotion as a deodorant as well...It seems to do the job for me. I use coconut oil, beeswax, tea tree oil, vit. E oil and lavender essential oils....I also use it all over for my eczema!

Angie Abella said...

Hey--I'd like to talk with you about a missions thing--would you contace me when you have a moment? abellaclan5 at gmail.com

Vetrimagal said...

Hi, My first time here.
While reading your choices , I am amazed at your conviction about these items.

We in India, have always been eco-friendly and used only home made , organic beauty aids, for centuries. I will write a page about all the stuff , soon,. It is too big as a comment.:-)

I would like to go through your earlier posts too.

Thanks for sharing


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