Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What exactly does Slowly Natural mean?

What is Slowly Natural?

Well, Slowly Natural originally started out as Homeschooling Mama x 4. Yep, that was my blog, my name. It started out as an outlet for me, an online journal, and a way for friends and family out of state to stay in touch. Early posts were all about our homeschooling journey, my first post was extremely basic. 8-8-08 was the day I took the plunge and entered the blogging world. I disappeared from October '08 to May '10. Our circumstances changed, we tried out the public school and I went to college to become a teacher. God moved us, though, and I listened to my heart and Him. It was time to bring my babies home and I have not regretted it!

Not too long ago though, I switched everything to Slowly Natural. I updated my Twitter name, opened a Facebook account (July 29, 2011), and started branching out on my post.

I craved a simple life and wanted everything in my world to reflect that. Slowly Natural seemed fitting. I had always been interested in natural things. Natural health products, natural cleaning supplies, natural methods, natural ways of living. It seemed like a fitting choices, especially since it's always been a journey for me. A slow journey!

Our homeschool reflects a natural way of learning. We don't force our kids to sit and retain information, we encourage learning and feed their natural desires. We learn through play and adventures. We learn through living books. We learn through life experiences. We learn through discussions.

Our home relfects a natural way of living. We do use natural products as much as possible, and most of the time I bake whatever I can. We're not perfect and this, by far, is the most challenging and slowest journey!

Our lifestyle reflects a natural way of living, too. Naturally, women were to be women and keepers of the home. Women were to look like women. Women were to respect and submit to their husbands. Recently, we've made a bigger effort to live modestly and really embrace HOW God created us to be- a girl should definitely look like a girl and a boy should definitely look like a boy.

Our family reflects a natural way of living. We read the Bible together. We pray together. I would say this is the most important way to be natural. God intended for the family unit to be strong and He intended for families to pray and worship Him together. How else can they be strong if they don't?

It's definitely a journey, but it's well worth it. I will constantly seek to being more natural and in tune with God and I will blog about our journeys, experiences, and thoughts. I have watched my blog grow and my Facebook page get more hits. I am truly blessed by it! Just goes to show that God can, and does, use even "little 'ol me!"

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