Monday, June 4, 2012

Comparing Yourself to Others? Big No-No!

Ah! The wonderful time of year where the stores are overflowing with seeds, plants, potting soil, and all the gardening tools to make anyone with a green thumb giddy!

At first, I get excited and start plotting my garden. I have all of these hopes and dreams for my spinach, tomatoes, and peppers. I picture spending hours leisurely weeding the garden and dutifully canning all of my harvest!

I spend time browsing the gardening section of many stores, buying exactly what I want. All the while telling myself that this is the best thing I can do for my family.

Facebook starts showing off other people's bountiful harvest and soon all the green thumbed bloggers start sharing posts on the best way to kill weeds, get the most out of your garden, and alternatives to traditional space!

Meanwhile... I've forgotten to water my garden the last few days and it's quite obvious that I should have waited a few more days before planting because a few of my plants have died due to an unexpected frost! My summer schedule has became so packed with travel (much of it due to us being missionaries!) and well, my dreams for a green and plentiful harvest have died with the plants.

It would be SO easy to convince myself that I wasn't good enough. I mean, c'mon! I want to be THAT mom, the one who feeds her family fresh foods and they eat the summer fruit and veggies well into the cold months. I want to teach my kids the cycle of seeds, watch them laugh with delight over the first sprigs of life, and to enjoy the freshness!

Truthfully though, I'm NOT that mom and I doubt my gardening skills will ever improve that much.

"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well." Psalm 139:14

There you have it... Fearfully and wonderfully made. Maybe not with certain skills or trades, but made the way God intended.

Maybe you aren't what you consider to be a good blogger, or maybe you feed your kids poptarts every morning no matter how hard you try to figure out a healthy lifestyle, or maybe you're like me- no green thumb! Stop comparing yourself to others and be happy with how God created you- fearfully and wonderfully. Accept you who are, embrace it!

And if you truly want to be a gardener, study about it! Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?

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