Monday, June 18, 2012

Treasures of Healthy Living (Book Review and Giveaway)

Treasures of Healthy Living book is designed to help you make changes for a healthier lifestyle over a period of 12 weeks. Verses of Scripture are provided for each day. No longer are you wondering if the latest “fad diet” is right. All guess work it out- see for yourselves what God says. Designed Healthy Living is on a mission to change lives. Authors Annette Reeder and Dr. Richard Couey use the Bible as their map to guide us to ultimate health, just as God designed. The website alone offers information on vitamins, resources for health, and recipes!

Each week gives you everything you need to equip yourself with making changes. Extra space to write things down in the book is a big help, too! The week wraps up with a “Fabulous Foodie Friday” which is also designed to help you in the journey. Everything you need to make a change is in this book, including questions that make you think about what YOU think, as well as ways you can implement the changes by using friends and family. The Nutrition Manual was not included in what I reviewed and while the book refers to it from time to time, it is not necessary.

One of my favorite sections of the book was dealing with herbal medicines. It’s no surprise there! Not only are the principles designed to help us eat better, they point us to the spiritual side as well. In the same section were they talked about how herbs flavor our food, one of my favorite Bible verses Colossians 4:6 popped up to teach us about our speech.

"Have you ever been able to eat just one potato chip when you are craving salt? Not usually. The hard part is not eating the whole bag. The same is true with our speech. We are to speak in such a way that when people hear us they will want to hear more. On the other hand, have you ever eaten something you thought was suppose to be salty and found out it was very flat and bland? You probably did not want to eat any more. When our speech and character are no longer adding flavor to those around us, it also becomes flat and flavorless to their ears."

Wonderful, wonderful words of wisdom!

This great book teaches against:
-toxins in our home and food
-sugar (processed)
-coloring agents
-processing aids
And much more!

It promotes:
-food as God intended
-herbs for healing
-organic, natural
-good humor
-relationship with God
And much more!

It was such a great privilege to be able to review this book, and now to be able to offer you a copy for yourself! The great folks over at Designed Healthy Living has offered my wonderful readers (you! yes, YOU!) a discount of 10% off all of their books. Simply enter in "slowlynatural" to receive it! This discount is good for one month, June 18th-July 18th.

Now, time for the giveaway!
The giveaway runs from June 18th-June 29th.

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Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

OH, this looks fabulous and would fit in perfectly with my healthy living/real food journey.

I LOVE the DVD full study kit. I love to read, but I'm also a visual learner, too :) :)

Thanks for hosting this giveaway :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to try it

Michele said...

Excited about reading the book!

A Godly Homemaker said...

the What The Bible Says About Healthy Living has been on my wishlist for awhile!

stacy said...

Great! The cookbook looks fantastic.


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