Monday, July 16, 2012

Different Seasons

I tend to get stressed during certain times of the year- especially in areas concerning my children's education. It's taken me a few years to reach the point to where my stressed times come less and less and end more quickly! A big part has to do with my husband and his support, too!

I've realized though, that there are different seasons in our homeschool walk. Just like there are seasons in other areas of life.

For some homeschoolers, their seasons might look differently than mine. We've recently switched to a year round school year. I really do like it, but it has evoked a time of stress and worry.

See, while others are out of school, we've been plodding away. Slowly. Much more slowly than previously. We've been doing fewer subjects and for less amount of time. It's made me question "am I doing enough?". Here's what my husband has reminded me.

Most kids aren't even doing this much!

Oh the wise words of my husband. Yes, it's the summer months and if we have time to fit in a couple of subjects- great! If we have to "skip" a day of school- great! We recently returned from a two week road trip and I'm quite sure that what we learned in that time probably counted for at least 2 months in traditional school! While we didn't do any sit down, book learning then, our experiences more than made up for it! This week has been a recovery week from the trip as well as a prep week for Vacation Bible School. I need to realize that part of homeschooling year round means that I'm going to have to make room for life. And not stress.

The busy summer days of vacations, Vacation Bible school, church camp, and visiting company will end and we will have plenty of time to settle back into our routine that included poetry, Shakespeare, music, and much more!

So, regardless of where you in your schooling, take it from me... it's ok to go with the season. If you have a lot of littles in your house, don't give up! Instead, do what you feel is manageable! Maybe it's just doing a lot of reading together! If you have chosen to school year round and summer has seemed to be busier than anticipated, it's okay if the formal book work slips for a few memories and a little math!

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