Wednesday, July 4, 2012


My, my, how far we've come since 1776!

In order to form a more perfect union...

Establish justice...

Provide for the common defense...

Promote the general welfare of men...

Each Independence Day that passes is one year further and further away from how our country began and closer and closer to the return of Christ. Today, on July 4th, I am still thankful for my freedom. Yes, it seems that each day more and more of my physical freedom is threatened, but my spiritual freedom will always be there thanks to my Lord dying on the cross so long ago.

I'm thankful for my freedom to attend church and to worship openly!

I'm thankful for my freedom to homeschool my children and to teach them what I believe is right and true.

I'm thankful for my freedom to stay home with my husband and children while brave men and women continue to fight for it.

I'm thankful for my freedom to share my thoughts with the world.

I'm thankful for the freedom that comes with knowing where I will spend eternity.

It doesn't matter how much of my freedom gets stripped away here on earth, I'm only here temporarily. I will fight for my rights as much as I can, as long as they stay in line with God's word, but in the end, this world's not my home- I'm only passing through!

And what a day that will be!

Happy birthday, America! May we somehow find our way back to that "one nation under God"!

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