Friday, July 20, 2012

Is it too late to change?

Can't teach an old dog new tricks.

We've all heard that before, right?

Yet, I'm not really talking about tricks, I'm talking about changes.

I'm talking about the TV show you've been loyal to since season 1.

I'm talking about the author you've been loyal to since the first book came out.

I'm talking about the way you wear your hair, the clothes you wear, and the phrases that you utter.

Is it too late to change?

Most definitely NO!

As the Lord works in your life and as you grow in your walk with the Lord it would be scary if you didn't change.

Is there an area of your life that you are feeling convicted to change? Maybe it's simply in what you watch or read? Just because you've watched every episode so far, it doesn't mean you have to watch the rest of the episodes. And by you, I mean me. I'm talking to myself as much as I am to anyone else. Just because you've read books that were questionable doesn't mean you always have to read something that's questionable.

How's your temper?
Are you too consumed with social media?
Do you choose healthy foods?

It's time that we realize that it isn't too late to change and to allow God to fully work in our hearts and lives! It's going to take a lot of work, dedication, and prayer, but it's important that we grow to become the person God wants us to be. It's never too late to change.

Prayer changes everything! Nobody else might understand the changes that you take, but the only One who should matter is God.

Put down the questionable book, stop watching the bad television show, buy different clothes, be mindful of your attitude, make wise choices, put God and your family first! Be willing to change.

What areas in your life is God convicting you to change?

1 comment:

Deb said...

It is never too late to change, I am a work in progress. I want to be a work in progress growing in His grace everyday, living and learning. Life is so full of blessing this way.


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