Monday, July 2, 2012

Little girls should be kept modest, too!

Since I'm linking this up to The Modest Mom, I thought it would be perfect to show how modesty can, and should, be shown early. I've heard many, many people say that something was okay for a child to wear since they were young or undeveloped. I disagree, though! If it's inappropriate at 30, then chances are it's inappropriate at 6!

Faith is modeling a "hand-me-down" dress, one of my favorites, too! Even at this age, I'm carefully teaching my daughters about the length of their dresses and skirts. It's important that they remain modest, even when they sit. All three of my daughters wear tights/leggings under their skirts or dresses, even though they might be longer. It's a practice that my oldest does as her own choice and one that is expected of my younger two. While the oldest knows how to sit, the others still forget at times!

We do a lot of layering, too! Her pink shirt isn't really crooked, I just didn't realize it was in the picture! By adding a simple pink shirt, I'm able to teach her about what is appropriate to be seen in her chest area. I don't want to see someones bra, and while we aren't at that stage yet, I want the girls to know how to hide it once they reach that point.

Not only am I teaching my daughters starting at a young age how to dress in a modest fashion, I am also teaching them how to look the part. We live in a world where boys want to be girls and girls want to be boys! I want to show them how to fix their hair and, eventually, wear makeup in a modest way. I desire that my daughters love how they were created! Faith is wearing a Scrollwork Butterfly Flexi-Clip by Lilla Rose. A beautiful way to add to the beauty God has given you!

And just for a different perspective, here is my oldest wearing the same dress last year. We added a simple crocheted shrug making the dress appropriate in both summer and winter!

I encourage you to start now, if you aren't already, teaching your children how to live and dress modestly. Don't just expect them to grasp the concept when they turn 16!

What Joy Is Mine
The Better Mom


Keri at Growing in His Glory said...

I agree completely! We have three girls who are 3, 1, and 8 weeks, but I believe it's important that they wear leggings or pants under dresses, that their dresses be knee-length, and that they keep covered areas that should not be exposed. The oldest already challenges me on it, but I'm stickin' to my guns! Thanks for the encouragement.

What Joy Is Mine said...

Erika...Great post! My daughter and I practice modesty as well and she will be 15 this year. It is something I reiterate often. Thank you for the encouragement and for sharing it this week at WJIM.


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