Friday, July 13, 2012

Roadtrip Across 7 States

Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, and Colorado!


It's very important when traveling to make sure you have plenty of things to help entertain the children! DS and card games helped a lot in the evenings!

It was so amazing to see the Golden Gate bridge! Even if we did get up at 3:30am to detour over it (it wasn't in our direct route! LOL).

The Discovery Center in Fresno, California. Awesome, cheap place to take the kids!

Our whole purpose of this road trip was our church national association meeting. We had a booth to display our mission work. The kids ROCKED during the meetings and booth times!

Yosemite National Park

Little Church On The Hill was the areas only house of worship for nearly half a century! It was located in Oakhurst, California

Children's Museum in Oakhurst, California

In the desert!

Denver Museum of Nature & Science in Denver, Colorado. They had an AWESOME snake exhibit going on!

Plain Conservation Area, Denver, Colorado

Mistic standing in front of a sod house- think Laura Ingalls! Too cool!

This cow was HUGE! It was definitely the Clysdale of the cows! We named him Goliath!

Inside the one room school! All my kids immediately found little readers or slates and sat down to "do school"!

Whew! Some 3300 miles later.... 7 states. Tons of memories. Oh, and did I mention that we "took off from school for this trip"? The joys of homeschooling... I'm fairly sure what we learned in these two weeks was possibly more than some kids learn in 2 months!

Have you taken a recent road trip with your family? What about a family vacation? What's been your favorite spot to learn?

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Sarah Avila said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! I love that homeschooling allows the flexibility to do these kind of things; and it's not like your even taking time off from school - it is school! One day I'd love to take a trip like that with our kids. What a wonderful experience and memories for your whole family!

Thanks for linking up to the Apologia Blog Roll on my blog. It will be neat to follow along as you do Astronomy, as we are just finishing it up now. If you had trouble grabbing the button, it should be fixed and working now. Sorry about that!



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