Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer School

While most kids got out of school in mid-May, we've been plodding along. May had a normal school schedule and went through mid-June. At that point, we took our roadtrip across 7 states. So, yeah, our school books got set to the side, but our learning was everywhere! Since returning home, we've been busy with 4th of July events and Vacation Bible School and any type of learning was put on hold!

Now, we have about 6 weeks left in our "summer term", before we get to take 5 whole weeks off- but that's a whole other post!

What does a day look like, though? When it's not including subjects like music, Shakespeare, and poetry? When it's not a light summer schedule, but not a normal intensive schedule either?

We always begin our day with Bible time. For us, that means gathering around in the living room while the Bible is read. Normally, daddy reads for us, but occasionally Mistic or I will. It's the perfect way to begin the day. Sometimes a Bible story is read, other times it's random Scripture. It's always great to begin your day, together, hearing God's word read! Our Bible time always ends in prayer. We have designated days we pray so that everyone gets a turn, but sometimes we all choose to pray the same day. It varies. Bible time doesn't have to be dreary and boring! It's a great time to teach the commandments of the Lord to your children (Deuteronomy 6:6-11). We've been known to break out in song during Bible time, too. Father Abraham... I've Got The Joy, Joy, Joy... Lord, I Lift Your Name On High... Any song we've learned at church...

Math Time We try to do math every day during the week. My oldest loves Khan Academy and another great site is IXL Math. I print off random math worksheets and we do flashcards from time to time, too. During our lighter summer months, we only do a couple of lessons a week from Life of Fred. Love that it's a living book!

Science with Apologia We've absolutely loved our decision to use Apologia for Science. Another living type book, but it's also written in a way that is understood by everyone, but can be read by 2nd-3rd graders, too! Since it's summer, sometimes we're busy and I don't have time to hear the girls all take turns reading aloud for 15-20 minutes each, but I've found I can kill two birds with one stone here. We can do our Science lesson and practice our reading! We make our own notebook and pick and choose which activities we do. I love the fact that we can take our time with this, no rush to complete a lesson. It's also easy to add on with books from the library. Astronomy was the perfect book to try, too! It's always "in season!" Usually, we try to do Science twice a week, but it is one of those subjects that sometimes gets lost in the busyness!

History with Mystery of History Another curriculum choice that we've made and loved! We haven't gotten very far in it and haven't done the extra activities like I wanted. I'm hoping that in these 6 weeks to keep up with the note cards and figure out our timeline system. Beyond that, it's just slow and steady. Couple lessons a week. It gives us new things to discuss and very firmly plants the truth of Creation, dinosaurs, and whatnot in a very informative way. I'm hoping that we dig deeper in this book when we begin our fall term and have more time!
Can you tell we learned about Egypt and mummies?

All the other things... We've been keeping up with our writing. Tracing for Isaiah, copywork for Aspen, Faith, and Mistic. It's been a great way to reinforce proper pen holding as well as penmanship. I try to read at least one chapter a day from a designated book. We're currently reading Charlotte's Web. I always try to have them narrate back to me what they've heard. It's something that doesn't take a lot of time and can be done doing other things. Several times I've read to them in the car going down the road. You just have to learn to be creative! We try to squeeze in some journal work for creativity and, like I said, if the day isn't too busy the kids usually read to me- at least the middle two.

What about Isaiah? Well, he's graduating to workbooks! Nothing major, but like the School Zone workbooks you can buy from Walmart. We have a TON of them and I figured it'd be a great way for him to finish learning his letters, numbers, and other basic preschool skills. And since it's summer, I don't have to invest in a lot of time printing out free worksheets!

Summer can definitely be a busy time, but I'm looking forward to these 6 weeks of modified work! More than a "light summer schedule", but not so intensive that it feels like "school".

Special goals for the rest of the summer?
-Daddy is going to be gone for 5 days in less than a week, so I'm hoping to have some special projects to keep us occupied during that time. Pinterest, here I come!

-Start our timeline for History

-Help my oldest learn her multiplication tables

-Do several data learning projects

-Label the house with words- definitely in English, perhaps in another language as well!

What does your summer look like?

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Jamie @ The Unlikely Homeschool said...

Sounds like you have a pretty well-planned school year happening. We don't school through the summer but do a little Un-schooling. Here from the Hop.


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