Monday, July 23, 2012

Three girls, 1 bedroom

My daughters have almost always shared a room. There was a time when my youngest daughter was about a year old, we had her in her own room and the older two in another. I well remember the tears that came every single night as Aspen would stand in her doorway and just cry, cry, cry! The only way it ended was when we moved her into the same room as Mistic and Faith. After Isaiah was born, it never worked out to separate the girls. To us, it made sense to have the girls in one room and the boy in the other. However, my oldest always seemed discontent. She wanted her own space, she wanted a place where her things weren't disturbed. When we moved to Nebraska over a year and a half ago, we thought her prayers had been answered. There was a perfect space in the basement for her.

And it was.

For about 6 months...

We painted it. We bought her new bedding. We made her sleep downstairs in her own room. We set guidelines- she had to sleep in her own room if she had school the next day.

Nothing worked.

Bedtime became a battle. She had no problems going down to her room during quiet time and was even fine leading up to bedtime. However, when the time came for lights to be out, the tears came. She begged to sleep on the couch, the floor, anywhere but her own bedroom.


I wasn't sure I wanted her to share a room with her younger sisters. I remembered the "issues" Mistic had with her younger sisters always touching her things.

Here's the thing. Since the beginning of the year I have felt God changing me and that has flowed to my family. I've seen us grow closer to each other and learn how to handle each other (and our flaws) in a better way. There are more teaching moments and less just accepting it as "normal". Mistic has slept on the floor, switched with her siblings and one of them have laid on the floor, or she's slept on the couch every night since May!

It's made me very happy!

I want my children to have such a great relationship. Mistic is 9 and wants to sleep in the same room as her 6 1/2 and 8 year old sisters!

So what's a mom and dad to do?

After 1 1/2 years, we finally decided to BUY BUNK BEDS!

In order to make sure we don't crowd the room, I invested in a few things...
A 6 skirt hanger is an AWESOME way to not take up TOO much space!

Behind the door shoe holder! Perfectness!!!

In case you were wondering, the girls are sharing only one small dresser and there is a small plastic container under the bunk beds that contain Mistic's undergarments! Other than that, everything is hanging!

It's important to teach your kids how to love each other and how to treat one another and for us, this is one way we can do that! Plus, it's something they want!

What's the bedroom situation at your house?

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Tina Hollenbeck said...

My girls are 10 and 11 and have always shared a room - well, except for the 11.5 months between the first one's birth and the second's. :^) They sometimes talk about wanting their own rooms, but I think they'd end up like Mistic. I'm considering letting them switch to the larger of the two upstairs rooms instead of the smaller - this house just has smallish bedrooms, no master suite - and having my husband and I take the smaller because we really don't need the space. But I really think they should learn to share even their sleeping space. After all, husbands and wives don't get their own rooms! :^)

Jaclyn said...

Super sweet! Congratulations on the sibling love!

Anonymous said...

/?This reminds me of a happily married couple..during the day each has their own responsibilities and interest to pursue, however at night they come together and share and unite again as one. Love that she wants to be with her sisters again each night. smilz


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