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Featured Mom ~ Meet Nishoni, Mom of 3

I am so excited to introduce you to our first Featured Mom! It's my hope and prayer that we can meet other moms, perhaps learn something from one another, and be blessed and encouraged as well! If you are interested in being a Featured Mom, drop me an email:

Name/Marital Status: Nishoni Harvey

Tell us about your children- their names/ages, personalities, etc: Sierra, 6, is very active. She is very smart, a very quick learner, and retains everything. She is outgoing, thrives on praise, and loves attention (She will take negative attention over no attention at all.).

Hannah, 4, is more laid back. She has a hard time grasping new concepts and learning new things (this may be due to having had Spinal Menengitis at 1 month old. She will be seeing a specialist for this and other symptoms that concern us.). She is our cuddle bug and would rather cuddle than do anything else. She loves hugs and kisses and would do ANYTHING to make you smile. She is reserved and shy around strangers, but, once she knows you well, she is the world's biggest sweetheart!

Rebekka, 13 months, is a quick learner. She is our little problem solver. There is no task too large once she sets her mind to it. In fact, she wanted to play piano like her two big sisters, who take lessons, so she pushed her tug boat toy to the piano bench and used it to climb up and play piano! She has a mean red-head temper, even though her hair only appears red in certain lights. She is determined and motivated, yet cuddly and compassionate.

How would you describe your parenting style? Old fashion. I lay down clear rules, teach them the hows and whys, offer praise and incentives, clearly state the consequences of disobeying, etc, and do everything I can to help them succeed. I believe in training my children. I believe training is 99% positive and only 1% negative, but that consequences are necessary at the appropriate times.

What advice do you have for a new mom or a mom-to-be? Be consistent, and always follow through on anything you say (positive AND negative)! Do not make threats, but promises. Do not make promises (about good things or punishments) that you are not prepared to keep.

How do you/will you handle a disobedient child? It depends on the child's age and the offence. My 1 year old gets redirected. My 4 year old is very whiny and gets to follow a list of commands until she calms down (i.e. "Touch the door, sit down, stand up, turn around, sit down, stand on one foot..." etc), then we talk about the offense and the proper consequence. My 6 year old knows what the consequences are for each action and can tell you. We have a set offence for each thing. After the consequence is carried out, they have to apologize to whomever they wronged, then they ask GOD's forgiveness, then we ask them how they know GOD forgives. In response, they quote , "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness," THEN they get hugs and kisses and confirmation of our love.

How do you let your child(ren) know that you love them? I tell them ALL THE TIME, show them with random hugs and kisses, listen to them when they want to talk, and ask them what they think about things.

Share some funny things that have happened to you as a parent? There are so many that I am not sure where to start! When Sierra was a baby, my husband gave her a lemon while we were at a restaurant. She would suck on it, then make a face and do a quick shiver because of the sourness, then stick it right back in her mouth! This provided us with a humorous meal!

Also: My 6 year old just earned herself a gerbil by doing her chores for a month without missing a day. As we were setting down for lunch one day, Hannah, 4, said, "After we eat our bizketti (spaghetti), can we put the dribble (her word for gerbil) in the bowl (ball)?" She still cannot say "gerbil".

If you have school-aged children, what type of schooling are they doing? How do you help them? We homeschool using Landmark's Freedom Baptist curriculum. Sierra does her's herself with help when necessary, since 2nd grade is self-paced. Hannah, on the other hand, will be doing K-4, which is completely teacher-taught. We also do extra activities for both, including home-ec using a cook book for children, Spanish, piano, guitar, Sign Language, arts and crafts, and more.

How do you want your children to remember you? As loving them with all my heart and knowing that I would do ANYTHING for them.

What area do you struggle in as a parent? How have you learned from it? Getting stressed out, letting little things build up and get to me, then responding to minor situations in a major way... yelling. I am trying to learn temperance and patience. It is a long road... and I am making strides... that is well worth travelling down.

Favorite parenting book(s), website(s), etc: Shepherding a Child's Heart, Training Up Your Children, How to Grow a Young Music Lover, What the Bible Says About... Child Training, and How to Be Close to Your Children

"Follow Nishoni Harvey, author of "The Fanatics", as she shares the things she learns from day to day on her quest to become the wife, mother, homemaker, and servant God wants her, and us all, to be. She blogs at The Humble Homemaker."

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