Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Help In The Kitchen

We don't live on a farm, though there are moments I would really like to! We don't have a garden because we aren't around enough during the summer to sustain one. Too many cooks in the kitchen can make for one miserable experience, too!

The older the kids get though, the easier it is to include them!

My 4 year old has finally gotten old enough to truly help! I've had my kids in the kitchen helping from time to time since they were old enough to stand and hold a spoon, but now they are all old enough to really help! Even a 4 year old can whisk eggs or scrub and poke potatoes for baking!

Shucking corn is a simple task, too! There isn't really a way to mess it up!

They all joined in to snap beans! Yes, some of them snapped a lot of the ends off, while others snapped just the tip off, but again, it's one of those tasks that you can't really mess up!

It's important to do things as a family and to teach your kids life skills. Teach them to bake, clean, do laundry, and shuck corn! They need to know how to keep a home, especially your daughters!

How do you include the whole family in the kitchen?

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Becca said...

It's great that you have your kids helping! I grew up helping my mom in the kitchen, and now my 7-year-old son helps me. I think it's important for boys to learn kitchen skills because, although they're less likely to become full-time homemakers, they need to be able to take care of themselves if they have a stage of living alone or with housemates. My grandmother never let my father do anything in the kitchen or do the laundry, and he is still intimidated by those tasks!

One thing I've learned working with my son is that he can't always do a task the way I would do it because he is smaller. When I let him show me his way I often learn something!

Jacqueline@ said...

I love to read how others do life! What a nice family. You have already learned the secret of working yourself out of a job! Excellent, Erika :)


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