Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Living Healthy In An Unhealhy World

I thought about starting a new blog, entitled "Living Healthy In An Unhealthy World". Problem was, I don't really have time for yet another project. And then it hit me! Hello?! This blog is about all of that- and more!

Welcome to my first post about how to "live healthy in an unhealthy world".

If you've been following me for any length of time, you will know that I am a southern girl living in a small rural town in Nebraska. The nearest Walmart is 40 minutes away and not really a true Supercenter. There's also a Safeway, which, at times, is a little better than Walmart. Oh, and there is a very small health food store. Between here and there, you can find a few little diners and fastfood joints. Not many choices and nothing exciting. The town grocery store is very limited and over-priced.

There is no Whole Foods. No Farmer's Markets (not in the true sense). And I can't grow a garden worth anything!

Yet my desire is to live a healthy life!

What's a girl to do?

Be diligent!

I decided it was time to take life in my own hands and not let my excuses get to me!

I sat down and did my weekly menu plan/grocery list.

I edited.

I tweaked.

I edited some more.

I tweaked some more.

I kept working at my list until I was satisfied!

On my menu plan, I have sandwiches listed two or three times this week. Lunches or dinners. My first reaction is to write lunch meat/cheese on my grocery list. Deli meat. Deli cheese.

I never buy pre-shredded cheese (do you know what's in it?), but I was still buying sliced deli cheese. That was a easy fix- just add another block of cheese to my list. Not a biggie. It isn't like I've never done that before! The next part, though, was more tricky.

The lunch meat!
I'll be honest. Food Babe Investigates: Is Subway Real Food? is what got me really thinking about our lunch meat. I remember being pregnant and the doctor telling me to avoid lunch meat. Back then, I didn't think anything of it. It was my 2nd pregnancy and my first OB didn't tell me that. What did she know? I thought. Turns out she knew a lot! Here's the lowdown. Lunch meat- processed, deli meat- is full of nitrates and other preservatives, flavor enhancers, and lengthy ingredients nobody can pronounce! Not healthy at all! Check out this article written several years ago by TODAY's Food Editor. Scary!

Yet, millions of people eat it everyday!

My plan? Simple! Buy a "good" whole chicken or turkey, or "good" chicken or turkey breast and make my own lunch meat!

I'm kinda excited about this one!!! I'll let you know how it goes!

Do you buy whole, bake, and slice yourself?

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Michele said...

You could try a chicken salad. My honey was taking lunch meat to work daily when we first married. I discovered how unhealthy it is, and that added with the stomach trouble he was having helped us decide to go fresh. I cook chicken for him every week now! Wish we could go organic chicken, but Wal-Mart here carries a green label that's supposed to be steroids/antibiotic free. The breasts are smaller, and it tastes much fresher!


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