Monday, August 6, 2012

Not Back To School Blog Hop: Curriculum Week

This week, for the Not Back To School Hop, it's Curriculum Week.

History: Mystery of History, Volume 1: Creation to the Resurrection This has been our favorite History book! The actual lesson is really short, but for each lesson there are age related activities you could do. The age related activities are broken down to Younger (K-3rd grade), Middle (4th-6th grade), and Older. I'm finding that this works great with my kids. We can all do the Younger activity and I have the Middle activity left to assign to Mistic for extra work, if desired. Another perk to using MoH is that it's a book that you go at your own pace with. We try to do three lessons a week, but if we get stuck on an interesting topic we are free to dive off and explore more! The Egyptian time period has really grabbed our attention and has led to Google searches and extra books from the library.

Science: Apologia: Astronomy This is the second book that has us really excited about learning! We only use the textbook, but we have been making our own Science journal by doing a "What do you remember" page at the end of each lesson. We've covered the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Earth. Let me tell you, what we're learning by spending some serious time dedicated to astronomy has been amazing! Even my little guy, Isaiah, is picking things up! The girls don't grumble when it comes time to doing our page either. They willingly write and draw, recapping things of importance to them! There are usually a couple of experiments to do in each chapter, if you want.

We do not do every activity in MoH or Astronomy! We do what we want and what we have time for!

Math: Bob Jones, Grade 4 is for Mistic, School Zone Math Basics, Grade 2 for Faith, School Zone Math Basics, Grade 3 for Aspen, and Beginning Counting with Mother Goose for Isaiah. In addition to the textbooks, which may or may not be used daily, we'll also use IXL Math and Khan Academy. Flashcards, real life math scenarios, and anything else that comes along that may intrigue us!

Handwriting: Copywork using Scriptures is what we prefer. Mistic will continue her Book of Mottoes, and Isaiah will practice writing his letters and words that he asks to write! Even though he's only 4 1/2, he has a huge interest in learning to write! Excellent way to begin to teach reading, too!

Mistic will continue learning how to dictate and begin spelling lessons by using Spelling Wisdom, Book 1.

English: I'm not entirely sure what we will be using. We prefer to do basic English through our copy work and every day conversations. A few options I'm considering, however, are English for the Thoughtful Child, Primary Language Lessons, or Simply Grammar. English for the Thoughtful Child is also available in book 2 and there are Intermediate Language Lessons instead of Primary. Like I said, I'm still researching... Suggestions?

Reading: The younger girls will try out Pathway Readers for the first time, my oldest will continue reading a wide variety of literature, and we will continue practicing letters and sounds with my youngest. Not pushing, just encouraging! In addition to listening to the children read, our plan is to continue introducing them to various books. In the past, I have read several of the Childhood of Famous American books, one of the Five Little Peppers books, and we are currently going through Charlotte's Web. There is no rhyme and reason, we read what we like!

We will continue memorizing Scripture passages, work on character qualities (often sparked from our memory verse), and homemaking skills.

As you can see, we are a very eclectic home educating family! We do a lot of Charlotte Mason styles, but we also do traditional textbooks! We do what works for our family!

Oh, and the Pre-K'er, well, he'll continue his education by sitting in with us during a few of our subjects, learning at the hands on projects just like his sisters. We'll continue working on letters and sounds and number recognition, too!

What are you using this school year? Be sure to link up!


Stefanie said...

Lots of great options!

We've always loved First Language Lessons for Grammar. Sadly Bauer decided not to publish Advanced Language Lessons so you'd have to find something else after grade 4. We've switched to Growing With Grammar and we like it.

Popping in from the Blog Hop.

Rachel said...

We have used English for the Thoughful Child in the younger years. It has done very well for us. Some of ours will use that...others will go with Simply Grammar this year. I am planning to order Eng. for the Thoughtful Child vol. 2 for my son as soon as he finishes the first book. Then he'll move to Simply Grammar. I think they're pretty similar, but I wanted my older ones to get some more practice before they moved on.

Anne Elliott said...

Erika, your plans are awesome! Love all the Bible memorization and copywork! We use Easy Grammar here, and we like it very much.

Jen G said...

We did MOH Volume 1 last year. We loved it. Learn so much. We are on to Volume 2 this year. Enjoy!


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