Monday, August 27, 2012

Setting Good Examples and LinkUp

In light of yesterday's Confession, I figured today would be a great day to talk about helping kids be healthy.

In our house, I don't have to worry about laziness. All four of my kids love to get outside and play. Currently, they like to play their version of soccer and volleyball. When I say their version, I mean, their rules! I believe for volleyball they use the soccer ball and throw it over my clothes line. Back and forth they take turns running and throwing the ball as hard as they can across the line.

But what if your kids aren't normally active?
Join them! Even though mine are very active, I still enjoy bouncing on the trampoline with them or playing soccer kickball with them! We enjoy family walks or bike rides. Find something that they like and encourage it! Put on a CD and dance around the house! Play the Wii with them. Anything that's going to get them (and you) up and moving! Moms, it can also be a great way to bond with your children individually. I've taken my son (4 1/2) on a bike ride- just him and me. We go his speed and usually end up at the park. I've taken each of my daughters for a walk- where we are active, yet talking! It's a great way to get those bonding moments in.

In our house, however, I do have to worry about junk food. My kids would eat pop tarts every day for breakfast, chips and hotdogs for lunch, and pizza nightly! Dessert? Ice cream! With chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles, and Oreos crumbled in! If given a choice. Which, to be honest, is why I do the meal planning and shopping. It's not bad to enjoy a special treat- we love baking chocolate chip cookies or having ice cream sundaes, but it shouldn't be nightly. We enjoy ordering a pizza, but not daily. If you teach your kids how to have a balance, they will grow up to thank you. However, you must be willing to lead by example. It doesn't make sense for you to tell them that too much sugar is bad for them, when you're planning a heaping bowl of ice cream just for you later! I do not have this down yet.... I still struggle with a balance. When I buy the right foods, they will eat them. When I buy the wrong foods, they will eat them. You figure out who's literally feeding their addiction....

In our house, you will find very little actual over-the-counter medicine. You'd see my medicine cabinet full of natural remedies and essential oils. Through this, I'm able to teach my children how to not rely on a doctor's prescription for ailments. I'm also able to teach them to use things God has given us. Recently, the onion poultice was added to my list of remedies. And it's not just with the medicine.... we make our own house cleaners and laundry detergent. My kids literally start gagging when they smell a toxic cleaner! Lead by example. They may not fully understand why you make your own cleaner, but they will be quite familiar with the term "chemicals"!

Last week, Melinda from Musings of a Minister's Wife shared a post about Passing On Habits To Our Children. She mentions teaching responsibility and sticking to a schedule. I find that even though her words were meant more along the lines of being good stewards of your time, they apply to all aspects of parenting- even being healthy and natural! Thanks for sharing Melinda!

Now it's your turn.... Link up your posts related to motherhood!

Some suggested topics:
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-How to be a Proverbs 31 mom

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These are just suggestions, feel free to add your own!

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Emily Cook said...

another trampoline mama, hooray! Yesterday I bounced with the kids in the pouring rain! SO FUN!



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