Friday, August 10, 2012

Some Of My Favorite Homeschool Websites

Summer is winding down and with that many kids are returning to back to school! I figured now would be the best time to share some of my favorite websites!

Handwriting Worksheets

Perfect for printing the perfect handwriting sheet! You can do various font sizes and do either tracing for print or cursive, or copying in print or cursive. I use this for all of our copywork. Perfect for putting in a Bible verse for a child to trace or copy!

Handwriting Paper

I especially love the blank top paper. It leaves room for creative drawing to go along with some creative writing! I use this for journal paper, but this site also has tons of other resources! Math papers such as graph paper, calendars, and other handwriting sheets!

IXL Online math site for Preschool-Algebra! You can enjoy the site for FREE for a limited time, or you can purchase monthly or yearly memberships!

Khan Academy is a free online Math curriculum! Teaches basic addition through very advanced math, Algebra, Calculus and more!

Starfall: Begin with the ABCs and ends with being ABLE to read! Fun computer games that TEACH!

Dance Mat Typing, my 4th grader loves this!!!

Little bit of everything
TLS Books is a free worksheet websites that provide for grades Preschool-6th. Preschoolers can learn colors, numbers, and shapes. 5th graders can learn Math, Language Arts, and Geography! Plus more!

Kidzone is great for Preschool through 5th grade. Grade 1 can practice tracing, greater than/less than, and Science experiments! Fourth graders can practice their times table and creative writing.

ABCya! is designed for Kindergarten through 5th grade. Great for those who don't like worksheets, learning disguised as games!

Sorry there isn't anything for upper grades, obviously I don't have students there yet! Do you have a favorite website not listed?

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Khan Academy too! My father found it a little while ago, and it has really been helpful! I used it just this summer when I was working on Grade 10 math and trying to grasp logarithms. I think it definitely helped me to understand them!

You mentioned that your kids are still in lower grades. How old is your eldest, Mistic?

Love in Christ,

Butterflygirl (my online name!)


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