Friday, September 28, 2012

Changing Of The Seasons (It's Fall, Y'all)

Their swimsuits are still on the line, and yet the chill
in the air tells me it is time to get out the fall clothes. 
I open the baby’s drawer. He’s not a baby, I
remind myself. He is two. I see cute PJs with feet that will not fit
him this year. He is bigger now, too big for that.

And then, I take out the sweater, the one with the
stripes, and I realize it is too small for him. There are many sweaters, but
this particular sweater makes me pause.

Is it really time to pack this memory away?
Read more at Weak
and Loved.

Do you reminisce when you get out the fall clothes?
How do you feel about the changing of seasons?

Emily Cook is an experienced child-wrangler and mother of
six, who laughs and writes to keep her sanity. 
She is also the author of Weak
and Loved: A Mother-Daughter Love Story.
“…when she was often reduced to nothing, God carried her
through, with or without her cooperation, her understanding or acceptance. This
book helped me understand what true grace really is – the totally undeserved,
bountiful love of God, which no circumstances can ever take away from us.” –
bookie, on
Read more by Emily at She’s sure to
make you laugh, think, pray, smile, or gag.

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