Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Family Fun (It's Fall Y'all)

This week a few of us have fall on the mind! We put our minds together and came up with a week long "It's Fall Y'all Blog Hop". Jill from Jill's Home Remedies, Sara Elizabeth from A Mama's Story, Jill from Blessed Beyond A Doubt, and Emily from Weak and Loved will be co-hosting with me! We've got daily posts all fall themed AND daily link-ups! We can't wait to see what all y'all have to say about FALL!

Who loves fall? I do! After a hot summer, the coolness is very much desired. The autumn colors are simply beautiful and there's nothing quite like all the warm smells that come!

Go for a walk! My family loves walking, but there's just something special about taking a walk in the fall. One of the things I miss about the south is all the trees and the way the leaves crunch beneath your feet. Where I live now, there aren't a lot of trees and instead there's just wide open fields. It's a great way for the family to bond and the temperature is just right! Turn it into a nature walk- look at the birds, listen for the geese, gather acorns (if you can!), walk, skip, leap!

Toss the football! Sport lovers or not, there's nothing that brings a family together than a friendly game of football. Who cares if you know the rules or if your kids are big or small. We don't have a football, but it's definitely on the list to buy. It can be a Nerf ball or a regular one, but go outside and toss it back and forth. When I was younger my dad would give me or my brother a play-by-play and we'd follow it and attempt to catch the ball as he threw it. The other one would, of course, try to intercept. It was a lot of fun "running around the tree three times and then zig-zagging back". No football? Play kickball! Dodgeball! Run a race around the yard!

Make the chores fun! Yard need to be raked? Rake it up and then totally earn cool mom (or dad) points by jumping in the leaves with them!

Bake a pie or cookies or bread!

Decorate the house- with homemade crafts! Hand turkeys? Hand (or leaf) wreathes?

Do a Random Act of Kindness If your yard needs to be raked, chances are so does somebody elses. Or bake them a pie and deliver it to them!

Have hot chocolate. Just because! With homemade whipped cream and cinnamon!

If the weather isn't too cold, go camping! We love camping in the fall. It really beats the heat of the summer, plus there's fewer snakes and bugs! You have to be careful, of course, not to go when it's brutally cold, but trust me! Making s'mores around a campfire when it's cool is way better than making them when it's hot!

Don't wait to go camping, just make s'mores at home! In the microwave (or better yet, toaster oven!) I bet they'd go great with a cup of steaming hot chocolate!

Read together! Curl up on the couch, under a few blankets, and read about pumpkins, autumn, leaves, and scarecrows!


Go picking! Apples for apple pies... pumpkins for pumpkin pies! And while you're there, go through a corn maze!

Go hunting! In our house, hunting isn't just for the boys!
Speaking of hunting... I'm wondering, are you a "Real Tree" family or a "Mossy Oak" family? Hop over to my Facebook Status and answer!

Watch the sunrise

I asked on my Facebook page "what are favorite things to do as a family in the fall?" and here are some that were mentioned:
Drying Herbs
Make fruit leather
Make peanut butter Buckeyes and watch Buckeye Football
We're Razorback fans, so I can relate to watching Football!
Make fresh cider
County/State Fair

How do you enjoy the fall with your family? Be sure to linkup with YOUR fall family fun ideas!


sarah murillo said...

Fall is by far my favorite season to be outside. My family and I have been taking "adventures" we find county parks and wildlife centers in our area and explore. Its usually free to go and filled with God's wonders: rivers, creeks, lakes, woods, ect. The kids love it and it makes a wonderful day. Growing up my parents never took us out like that they always thought taking the family out = spending money, but thereis so much out there to offer for free. :-)

Lisa/Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl said...

I am enjoying your blog hop. I hope you'll stop by my Blog Fest and share:

amanda said...

We used to love raking up the leaves and jumping in them at Grandpa's house! One of my best fall memories every year. I cant wait to do it with the kids this year.


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