Thursday, September 13, 2012

Featured Mom ~ Meet Heather, Mom of two

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Name/Marital Status: Heather Bowen/Happily married to my best friend for almost 8 years!

Tell us about your children- their names/ages, personalities, etc:
Shaylie is 7 years old. She is a very high-energy, passionate child. She gives 110% to absolutely everything she does. God is going to do big things with this child!

Nevaeh is 6 years old. She is the most caring, compassionate child I’ve ever met. She loves with her whole heart and is always thinking of others before herself. She blesses me daily.

How would you describe your parenting style? My husband would say I’m too soft, however I feel the importance of discipline, but I also want my children to know the importance of why they are being disciplined. I definitely always try hard to show discipline through love.

What advice do you have for a new mom or a mom-to-be? The days seem long, but the years go by so fast. Cherish each moment.

How do you/will you handle a disobedient child? I try to talk to my daughters first, to let them attempt to see the error in their behavior. If they can catch it, apologize and correct the behavior, then they’ve learned a lesson and no further action is necessary. If that doesn’t work, we use a lot of time outs and taking away privileges.

How do you let your child(ren) know that you love them?
I have found the best way to let my daughters know I love them is for them to see me making time for them. Uninterrupted Mommy/Daughter time is so important.

Share some funny things that have happened to you as a parent? Every day is an adventure! My girls are eleven months apart. The first time I ventured out of the house with them alone, the oldest just turned a year and the baby was a month old. We went to the grocery store. I put the baby in her infant seat in the front of the cart, and the older one was sitting in the back of the cart with the groceries. When we got to check-out, I found my older daughter sitting quietly eating a tomato like it was an apple with tomato juice everywhere! The cashier and I laughed so hard.

If you have school-aged children, what type of schooling are they doing? How do you help them?
We homeschool our daughters and use an eclectic style. A little bit of traditional, a little bit of Charlotte Mason, with a little unschooling in the summer.

How do you want your children to remember you? I want my children to remember me always making time for them. That I was never too busy to show them love.

What area do you struggle in as a parent? How have you learned from it?
Time management! I am constantly having to remind myself to focus on what is important. My husband and children need me more than my blog needs me!

Favorite parenting book(s), website(s), etc:
Grace Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel
Bringing Up Girls by Dr. James Dobson

Heather blogs at Upside Down Homeschooling about all things faith, family and homeschooling. You can also find her on Facebook.

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