Friday, September 7, 2012

The Triumphant Soul (Guest Post)

Nishoni Harvey from Becoming a Humble Homemaker wraps up her series, What I Have Learned From Homeschooling. You can read Monday's post here: The "Tortured" Student and Wednesday's post here: The Troubled Start.

In homeschooling, your children will test you, people will try you, and your dedication will be tested, but you can emerge triumphant! To succeed in homeschooling, there are many things that you can, and should, do, like having a good support group, being on the same page as your husband, and leaning on the Lord. There are other important things, however, that should also be done during the course of your homeschooling years that will help you succeed in training your children. There are things that you may not necessarily find in a manual, things I have learned and am still learning. These are the things I want to talk to you about today.

1) Take your cues from your children. Just like anyone else, your children will give off “vibes”. We need to learn how to tune in to those silent cues. If your children are hyper, take a break to take them outside to burn off some energy. If they are frustrated, it is just fine to take an extra break or to even quit for the day and start again tomorrow. If they finish early and are still pumped and excited to learn more, by all means, go ahead in their studies! Getting ahead in their lessons when they are excited about doing so will make the days that they need to stop early a lot more feasible!

2) Go with your gut. A mother’s instinct is usually right. There is no harm or shame in returning and relearning! If you do not think they understood the work, go over it again… and again… and again if necessary. Do not give up until you are convinced they “got it”!

3) The crowd is NOT always right. Different people have different views. There are people who are against homeschooling, and most of those do not know why—it is just… not normal… Some say that your children will lack necessary social skills, but they do not understand that every child learns these skills primarily from home!

Some believe we are sheltering our children and that we need to “cut the apron strings”. I once heard it said that just as you cannot put a tomato plant out early and expect it to thrive in spite of frost and freeze, so you must protect your child until “all chance of frost has passed”. Perhaps we do “protect” our children, but they will not learn who NOT to be like by spending eight hours every day with them. They do not learn that Creation is true by being fed the lies about Evolution every day. They do not learn to dress modestly, say “no” to drugs, and stay pure by spending all their time with others who think those things are “cool”.

You do not answer to the crowd. You answer to God. If you believe that homeschooling is God’s perfect will for your family, then you need no other reason to pursue that. Just remember that all those voices are, just that, voices. You can choose to shut them off, to ignore them. Remember, the crowd is not always right. In fact, the crowd is seldom right… “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” (Matthew 7:13, 14) I realize this is referring to salvation, but the same principle applies. You can usually figure out which way the majority of people are going, point your nose the opposite way, and be heading the right way. Do not let people talk you out of what God wants you to do. The crowd is not always right.

I am trying to follow these principles with my children. Seven and a half years ago, we decided to homeschool, and we are doing it! We are teaching the girls their academics, but we are also cultivating a discipline, a desire to learn, and a determination to press on through all odds in our children! We are not just succeeding, we are triumphing! What about you?

It is your turn! What kind of things have you learned that you would like to pass on?

"Nishoni L. Harvey is a saved, sanctified, and soul-winning Baptist. Her husband, Matthew Harvey, and their three young children serve faithfully at Hope Baptist Church in Harrison, Michigan, where they are active members. A graduate of Landmark Baptist College, Nishoni loves teaching, writing stories and poetry, playing her instruments, and being a homeschooling Mommy.

Nishoni's love for writing started as a young child, at which time she wrote imaginative stories that kept her family in suspense and eager for each new chapter to be completed so they could know what happened next in each tale. She went on to write for the "Blacksburg Times", a newspaper, as a teenager. She further culminated her writing skills by taking a course through the "Institute of Children's Literature" and by gaining her Bachelors in Secondary Education with a major in English. She continues to write often and is always in search of ways to use her talents for GOD.

You can visit her over at Becoming A Humble Homemaker where she blogs about life as a homeschooling homemaker. You can also find her on Facebook.

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