Monday, October 22, 2012

Do you like OWLS? (Lilla Rose Flexi)

 I've been an independent Lilla Rose consultant since June. I have never seen such an overwhelming response to the monthly Flexi! It debuted October 1st and sold out in the first two days! Lilla Rose brought it back Friday and it practically sold out the first day- leaving a few large and extra-larges!

                  If you are wanting something popular, THIS IS IT! 
Normally, when it sells out, it's gone. No more opportunities to buy it.
So the fact that it was brought back mid-month is AWESOME!
 The AWESOMENESS doesn't stop there, though!
You can STILL order your Who's Hoo!
It's just on BACK-ORDER!
That's right.... until the end of the month you can still get an owl flexi-clip! 
How AWESOME is that?!

Want one?
Go to Lilla Rose and place your order!
When they get them in stock, they'll ship you yours! At least you'll be GUARANTEED to get one!
November brings more than just a new president.....

It brings a new Flexi of the Month!

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