Friday, November 2, 2012

Grocery Store Finds (and GMO Free Foods)

It's that time again. I just got back yesterday from my Once A Month Grocery Shopping trip! If you've been following me for any time at all, you know that I live in a small rural town and that my options for healthy, natural, organic foods are definitely challenging to find. The AREA that I live in doesn't make things easy- even when I DO travel 2+ hour. But.... bigger cities do allow for more options and while some of these items can be found more local, these are some of the goodies I picked up while I was out.
My kids LOVE yogurt! I'm really picky though because a LOT of the yogurt contains artificial dyes. Why on earth people think we need to add red or blue to our foods is beyond me.... In an ideal world, my children would NEVER consume food dye, but truthfully, they do consume it and more often than they should. It's one of those things that we are TRYING to get away from. You know.... slowly. Anyway, I like Simply Yogurt because they DON'T contain any of the artificial junk. I've made my own yogurt before and would recommend it, but if you don't have time or you are in the beginning stages of changing- look for something like this. Also, YoKids (who also have YoBaby) now has Greek yogurt- and notice, it's ORGANIC!

Butter is HUGE in our house- NO MARGARINE for us! I've seen images floating around Facebook saying something to the affect of "I trust the cows over the chemist" and it's TRUE! BOTH these items only list TWO ingredients (cream/salt). I challenge you to read the ingredients on YOUR "butter". If it doesn't say cream/salt, don't use it! I do wish we had more options for TRUE REAL butter (raw), but again.... These are my options for the more natural stuff!

I generally buy whole wheat pasta. Not enriched. Not organic- unless I happen to come across it. My general stores don't carry a lot of organic pasta. I came across this while I was out, though. The ingredients were enriched semolina, sweet corn powder, butternut squash powder, and carrot powder. Not really sure about it. Yes, it "claims" to include veggies, but let's be honest... the corn is probably genetically modified (GMO) and I'm thinking that anything "enriched" isn't the best. What do you think? We're going to try it, but I'll probably be sticking to my 100% whole wheat pasta! 

Couscous is a semolina dish, typically eaten in the Middle East. Couscous is good in fiber, protein, and selenium. We enjoy eating it as a side dish, but there are many main courses you can fix with this grain.

I do a lot of baking. One of the EASIEST changes you can make is by making your own food. Even chocolate chip cookies become healthier when YOU bake them. It's true! However, I do more than just dessert baking. Just about everything we typically (not all the time, though) eat is homemade! I picked up some Demerara sugar. The neat thing about Demerara sugar is that it is unrefined! SCORE!


Organic IS better and if you are a homemade chef and not picking up a lot of junk you really don't notice a "difference" in your grocery bill. It's better for your health and I believe you can either pay for the cost at the Supermarket OR at the doctors.

I have NEVER seen these before.... Organic. In BPA Free containers. Minimally processed. Each pack contains 1/2 cup of fruit plus veggies. I'm eager to try these! We love our raw fruit and veggies, but it's nice to have a quick snack like this around, too!

My husband and I use to joke about organic pop-tarts. When I saw these at Wal-mart I knew I wanted to pick up a box. My kids LOVE pop-tarts and I will occasionally let them pick up a box.

Check it out! LABELED NON-GMO. Real ORGANIC fruit. Bonuses right there! GMO is in a LOT of your foods... Corn and sugar beets are some of the highest GMO ranked foods. If your food lists "sugar" as an ingredient, it has a HUGE chance that it's really GMO Sugar Beets! No JOKE! Don't know much about GMOs? Check out
this and this and this!

So don't despair if you don't have access to all the "right" foods. Sometimes you have to just try your best and look for the best options!


Laura said...

We try to eat natural and organic if we can as well. I was curious, if you don't mind sharing, how much you budget for groceries. Our budget has shifted a lot, and we are currently pretty tight. So we're trying to come up with something reasonable. Anyway, would like your input about how you work that part out :). Thanks!

Erika said...

I spent about $500 on my last shopping trip for food. This does not include some meat from our butcher shop or the juice/milk that I'll get ever so often. I would say- that when everything is said and done this month I would have spent about $700 for food for a family of six (give or take). I've discovered that by making EVERYTHING possible REALLY saves money and for the rest buy the healthier options you can afford. If you can't buy organic juice, buy juice not from concentrate (we drink juice with our Diatomaceous Earth). I feel pretty strongly about organic milk, so I buy that- but we go through 1 gallon every week and a half. Walmart carries 100% whole wheat pasta for roughly a dollar a pound (give or take). Let me know if you have any other questions!


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