Monday, November 12, 2012

One of my sponsors and a way YOU can help....

I was very thankful when Jane from Mennonite Mom decided to allow me to help her advertise. I found her when I was looking for long old-fashioned type pajamas on Etsy. I wasn't Mennonite, but I was drawn by the clothing she made. I'm big on modesty and while I understand everyone has a different definition, I couldn't help but love what I saw! 

You'll find head coverings, skirts, jumpers, and dresses and more from her!

Here are just a few things from her Mennonite Mom Etsy Shop.

Women's Long Modest Skirt, Size LARGE, Elastic Waistline

Old Fashioned, Christmas Morning, Girls House Dress Size 2-4

Old-Fashioned Christmas Morning Dress, Size 2-4
Old-Fashioned Christmas Girls Dress, Size 8-10
Old Fasioned Christmas Dress, Size 10-12 

White Cotton Veil with lace edging Head Veiling Chapel Veiling

The most awesome thing, though, is what her passions are. Yes, she loves to sew and provide modest clothing at affordable prices, but that's not the biggest thing.

She has a mission-minded heart.

And that I love! And this is where YOU can help!

Bright Orange with Stripes, Hand-Woven Guatemala Hammock  is an item from Jane's Ebay store. That store is different than her Etsy story because she sells used clothing there. This is also where her mission-minded heart shows. That hammock? 100% of the proceeds goes to support MAM Guatemala Mission. 

Hand Woven Guatemala Pine Needle Baskets (set of 2) Holiday Baskets is hand-crafted by a person friend of Jane. This friend is a widow and has 6 children she is trying to raise. The money from these baskets go to help her do that! It takes 24-36 hours to make just one basket. Large Hand Woven Guatemala Pine Needle Basket, Tortilla Basket, Thanksgiving is another listing.

Homeschoolers, she also has some Abeka curriculum listed on Ebay.

You can also find Jane on Pinterest! She has some really awesome pins regarding to children, modesty, books to read, Jesus, recipes, and more! 

Connect with her on Twitter! Tell her I sent you!
Please go check out her items! She's got some great things to share with you!

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Ashley Ditto said...

Love this!

Sharon said...

As a missionary for 24 years in South America, I appreciate her heart for others as well as her desire to make pretty and modest clothes. Thanks for letting us know.

I'm visiting through Living Well Wednesdays.

What Joy Is Mine said...

Erika...thank you for sharing your new friend at WJIM. This week you are the reader's choice for Monday's Musings. I'm glad to feature you. Blessings.


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