Monday, November 5, 2012

Taking A Bloggy Break....

I'm fairly sure I may be starting to worry close family and friends. I have ALWAYS been connected to the internet- or at least my my teen years and adult life. I have many close friends who I have never met- yet I feel like I know them. I have invested HOURS into these relationships- strictly be being on the internet. I am very thankful for some of my friends who I have never met. They are the ones most like me in my beliefs and strong feelings and in a world where sometimes being set apart makes you feel "odd", it's nice knowing there are others in the same boat!

Yet, I went ahead and deleted my personal Facebook account, keeping a separate page open for my page use only. No friends. No family. I use it strictly for "business", so to speak.

Yeah, I know that got my husband's attention.

I've often thought about just leaving my blog, too. But I enjoy it to much. I do feel like it's a way I can have a voice and hopefully I'm ministering and helping people along the way. It's a great outlet, too!

For now, however, the time has come for a break. Don't worry! It's only for three weeks! From now until after Thanksgiving I will not be blogging. There may be a few exceptions, though. For instance, if one of my sponsors have a special they plan on running, I will still share! Any other important news will be blogged, too.

But........ I will not be actively posting. I may not be posting at all. 

What will I be doing with my time?

I plan on spending more time with my family- unplugged.

I plan on reading- a lot!

I will be working on the final details to opening a little "shop" of sugar and salt scrubs, lip balm, elderberry syrup, and pain salve (to name a few things).

I will also be re-evaluating my purpose here!

I hope you'll still visit me on Slowly Natural Facebook. I will be posting there. Love the fact that I can schedule a status update on Facebook pages! It allows me to stay connected to my "fans", but not neglect family, too! 

Look for my return post on November 26th. It will be the beginning of a week long series regarding children's health! Jill's Home Remedies, Modern Alternative Mama, Like A Mustard Seed, and A Mama's Story will be guest posting during this week! All with children's health related posts! Be sure to check back then!

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Thank you for letting me have this break!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Ashley Ditto said...

I will miss you on your break, but I completely understand!! Come back refreshed and renewed! said...

I applaud you for taking such a bold move! I pray that the Lord will truly fill you to overflowing as you spend more time with your family and doing those things that matter most. I look forward to hearing what you learned when you decide to write again!

Pamela said...

Good for you! I hope every minute is infused with God's rest and joy.

I was intrigued by the elderberry juice. I have been without access to elderberries for 11 years. I used to stew them and also make jelly. My mother just heard they were going to carry them frozen in stores soon.


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