Sunday, December 30, 2012

31 Days To Clean Begins Tuesday

So excited to be going through this book by Sarah Mae. Sarah has written SEVERAL books including Frumps to Pumps, Core Lies, and her latest, co-written with Sally Clarkson, Desperate: Hope For The Mom Who Needs To Breathe.
In 31 Days To Clean, Sarah includes a Mary Challenge and a Martha Challenge. The Martha challenges are easy- these are the "clean a certain part of your house today" jobs.
The Mary challenges are a little bit harder. They focus on priorities, family, being diligent, and the spiritual side of things. 
Beginning on Tuesday, January 1st, I will be going through the book. One chapter every day for 31 days. At the end of the month I will have a sparkling house and hopefully a better vision and priorities for my home.
You can join me over on Facebook where I will post daily reminders for you and you can "check in". I'd love to have you join me for the next 31 days!
You can buy a copy for your Kindle, Nook, or in PDF form at 31 Days To Clean!
Here's to a cleaner, happier home in 2013!

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