Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last Week Of My Twenties....

I am down to the last week of my 20's. I hardly can believe I'm here! As crazy as it sounds, I never pictured myself out of my twenties. Sure, I saw myself happily married with grandkids, but never actually visulized the process! Yeah, I know.... weird.
Like it or not, in one week, I turn the big 3-0. I join my husband and friends and others who have already embarked in their THIRTIES.
It's not really that big of a deal. Ok, I lie. It kinda is. But, I wouldn't change anything from the last three decades. All my mistakes, failures, and successes have molded me into the person I am today.
Plus, getting older has it's perks. Right?
I know people who choose to do a "30 Things To Do Before Turning 30", but I like being different so I've made a list of "30 Things To Do While 30"
In no particular order:
1. Try one new project/recipe from Pinterest a month
2. Run a 5K (I've wanted to do this for a while)
3. Go for a hike in Custer State Park
4. Sew a skirt
5. Go ice skating
6. Go hunting and kill a buck (Haven't been hunting since my oldest was a baby! And she'll be 10 in April!)
7. Become a certified herbalist
8. Grind my own wheat
9. Read at least one new book a month (Reading was a passion of mine, but I lost it during the baby stage of life)
10. Visit North Dakota
11. Own a pair of cowgirl boots
12. Sucessfully do 40 days of The Maker's Diet (I've done it before... I can do it again. Planning on doing it the first of the year)
13. Attend a homeschool conference (I won't lie... I'd LOVE to attend the one in Texas that the Duggars do)
14. Begin (and finish) a cross-stitch
15. Begin a card ministry
16. Lose 75lbs
17. Go to an amusement park
18. Go camping
19. Learn to wear my hair in different styles
20. Own a Berkey for my family's water filter
21. Grow fresh herbs
22. Make soap
23. Make candles
24. Write Scriptures and other phrases ON the wall (Much like you see in the Duggar's house)
25. Go back to Independence Rock (stopped briefly there during the summer, but didn't really get time to explore!)
26. Go to Chimney Rock (I love History!)
27. Become a Young Living Distributor
28. Buy 4 notebooks and write monthly letter to each kid
29. Take a monthly picture with each kid and add to notebook
30. Give up the internet for at least 2 weeks

I'll have to come back during the next week and finish my list.... If you have any fun ideas, I'd love to hear them!

Oh, and someone tell me that the 30's really aren't that bad!



Andrea said...

Happy Birthday! And I'm thirty-two and have loved my thirties thus far, a lot more than my twenties:-)

Grateful for Grace said...

My 30s were my fave! Enjoy!

I'd rec adding:
Take a photo with each kiddo at least twice a year.
Start journals to each kid and write in them every once in awhile (if you haven't already done this)
Decide an exercise gig I like and can do without electronics or a gym and stick with it.


Ronna Susens said...

I had a hard time with the idea of turning 30 also, now I am almost 36 and I agree that the 30's are great. 40's is my new worry ;) You should bring the kids and join us Ice Skating in Rapid City next Friday for our home school outing. I noticed it was on your list, and thought hey, maybe I can convince you to join us. We are a very small group this year, we'd love you to join us!


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