Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter In Skirts

This is our first winter wearing skirts and dresses only. Living in Nebraska means true winters, as opposed to the South's definition of winter.
It's been fun and exciting as we have tackled this subject. Here's some of the things that we do to keep warm!
These are staples in our house. The girls wear light-weight leggings during the warmer temps to help maintain modesty as they run, leap, and do the monkey bars at the park. The younger girls wear them to help keep them modest as they learn how to sit properly at church.
However, in the winter, we're not using them as much for modesty- though at times that still comes into play- we're using them for warmth! If you live in a warmer climate, you could properly just get by with light-weight ones, but if you are in need of something a little more warm look for some fleece-lined leggings.
For women, check out Deborah & Co.
For plus size, check out places like EBay.  
For girls, check out places like KMart, Target, and Walmart.
Longer, Heavier Skirts
This one is kinda a no-brainer, but.... The longer, heavier the skirt the less likely any cold winter wind will find it's way in! I really enjoy denim skirts and wear them practically everywhere. However, courdoroy, suede, and velvet are great choices, too!
The right kind of shoe
Boots are the BEST choice, especially a good pair that comes to mid-calf or higher. During the winter these boots play a bigger part than just keeping you stylish, they keep you warm. You can find boots for everyone at Walmart or Payless. Being a plus size gal, I even found a pair that fits me from Payless. Just look for ones that have the calf extender. 
Hats, gloves, scarfs- doesn't matter if you are wearing skirts or pants, they are a must during the winter! If part of your body is cold, it's gonna make the rest of you feel cold! 
Wearing a skirt in the winter really isn't that complicated and it is possible to stay warm and toasty! 


Grateful for Grace said...

While I've been wearing skirts and dresses only for over 3 years, this is my first year to really do a winter with them. I lived in Central Texas before and only thought I was cold. ;)

Now, living in the East Mountains area of NM, I am having to deal with truly cold weather. Snow on the groundoften is a strange gig for me.

I would love to know any recs for fleece leggings for women that aren't $28 +s/h. That's too much for my budget. Right now I'm making due with cotton ones from Walmart. :)

And heavy skirts. Man, what a difference. I am slowly getting some, but most of my wardrobe isn't going to work.

What a change!

I agree with all your suggestions.

Jumara said...

Another great way to stay warm while wearing skirts is to make a warm slip. I have one made out of medium weight, warm, cotton material. My daughter made it for me. It makes skirts that are light weight more winter friendly. If you use this along with leggings it makes a huge difference. I love it!


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