Thursday, January 17, 2013

Colloidal Silver

I was always a bit leary when it came to intaking colloidal silver. I had always used it topically when fighting ear infections, but visions of the "Blue Man" always popped into my mind.

I didn't know anybody personally who actually consumed silver until here recently. Both a friend and my chirporactor has been known to take it internally.  

Not daily.
Not in large quantities.

And they weren't blue.

Silver has wonderful benefits,it's an all-natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral disenfectant. It was used greatly to fight infections BEFORE penicillin was discovered.

While I typically prefer to use tea tree oil on cuts and scrapes, colloidal silver CAN be used topically to prevent infection. I have also mixed a little colloidal silver and some water and gently sprayed some up my nose to help with sinus problems.


It wasn't until a few weeks ago when all six of us came down with something and a couple complained of a sore throat. That's when I braved it for the first time and actually gave it to someone to consume. The almost immediate change was amazing. Silver is a strong antibiotic and while Mistic had been given doses of elderberry syrup and Double E Immune Booster tinctures, the silver was what helped kick her over the edge. When my son complained of a sore throat, I gave him some.... and then I took some. None of us turned blue, nor are any of us still consuming it. However, just a few days worth of appropriate dosage really helped us kick when what ailing us

   Did you know that there are OTHER uses for colloidal silver though than for internal use?

 -Disinfect drinking water dispensers
-To prevent mold when canning
-When cleaning the bathroom
-Cleaning and disinfecting cutting boards
-On door knobs and countertops
-Disinfect toothbrushes
20 Ways To Use Colloidal Silver)

While I have yet to do it, you can even MAKE YOUR OWN silver, allowing you to use it in higher quantities than if you simply purchased 4 ounces from the health food store. Yep, you just need to buy a
colloidal silver generater. Again, I have NOT done this and am only passing on information I have found.

Colloidal silver is not considered safe by some, and if you make your own you may be at risk for not knowing the exact quality of your silver. Many health professionals recommend using other products than colloidal silver, so be sure to do your own research and decide for yourself if you will use silver internally, externally, around the house, or not at all.

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Do you use colloidal silver? If so, how?

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