Monday, January 14, 2013

Just another Nebraska snow....

Our first snowfall for the year happened in October. Since then it's snowed at LEAST every three weeks or so. I know I've lived in Nebraska for over two years now, but I still (and will always be) a Southern gal at heart!
Temps lately have only been in the teens and twenties as highs.... and the lows. Well, often near zero or below. And let's not discuss the negative wind chills!
Still, a huge perk for living in the Midwest is.....
We tend to get a LOT of wind, so some of our snow drifts were pretty impressive!

And while us girls don't wear pants, we do make an exception for hunting- and snow. I know they make some snow pants, er, skirts. I've seen them, but I can't afford them for my ever-growing girls. Honestly, it isn't that big of a deal right now because it tends to be just us anyway.
Plus, sometimes it's hard enough to walk through the snow with boots and snow pants on!!!

However, I don't even own snow pants- haven't found any I really like- I just wear a pair of sweatpants underneath a heavy denim skirt. That and my snowboots have always done a great job keeping me warm- even in 20 degree temps and several inches of snow! And yes, I can even run around pulling a sled if necessary.

Do you live in an area that gets snow?

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