Friday, February 15, 2013

Homeschooling on YOUR budget

I've been on either side of the spectrum. Totally and 100% putting together my own curriculum and the opposite end of buying a 100% name-brand curriculum.

Let's take the first scenario.

You know you should homeschool, but the money just isn't there. What do you do?
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First of all, you don't panic. You have everything you need to successfully homeschool right in your own home. The Bible is an excellent tool- not only to provide you with encouragement and direction in your homeschool, but also to help in subjects. History, Science, Writing, and Reading can all be covered with it! If you have a student who is reading at a 2-3rd grade reading level or higher, choosing a Psalm would fit appropriately into the reading plan. A higher grade student could read from a harder book, like Deuteronomy. History and Science can be covered easily beginning in Genesis. Handwriting can be taught by tracing over different biblical words or verses progressing to copywork and then later dictation. Math can be taught in the kitchen with a cookbook (which can also
double as a reading lesson).

Join me for the rest over at A Mama's Story!

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