Monday, February 11, 2013

Modest Monday with some Sunday Pictures

It's amazing what a sheet and a camera with a self timer can do! I needed to snap some photos of the family for our new mission work, but didn't have anybody I could call to come help. With a little creativity, I was able to get a family shot, let my oldest take some of me and the hubby, and I could snap some of the kids!
I figured they would be great for a Modest Monday post so I could link up with Caroline!
Hubby is the cutest and since these are church related pictures, he had a buttoned shirt on. I love the fact that he always takes care to dress nicely- even when it's casual. While he does occasionally wear jeans and a tee, most of the time he's in khakis and a polo.
I'm wearing a ankle length denim skirt that I bought for under $10 off of Ebay! Ebay is my friend and makes life so much easier when shopping for plus-size skirts! Our local stores (and even non-local stores) don't carry a big selection of skirts- plus-size or not! You can't see it, but I have a purple tank top on with a black shrug. Both bought from Walmart years ago. My hair is usually worn down, my preference, but when I do fix it up it is worn with a Lilla Rose flexi.
7 year old Aspen is wearing a basic black tee that we bought from Walmart last summer. Under it she has on a pink half-tee from Deborah & Co. The half-tees are crucial for us! While we don't have any strict dress codes to follow, we personally want to have a sense of modesty. The half-tees allow us to start teaching our kids young about modesty, as well as giving them the means TO dress modestly! Finding tees even in the younger girls department are harder and harder to find with a decent neckline! Aspen's skirt is a maroon ankle length dress skirt that we found last summer at a thrift store! Her beautiful hair flower is from Little Paris Boutique.

8 year old Faith has on a simple purple tee from Walmart with a floor length purple skirt that was also purchased last summer at the thrift store! Her hair flower is also from Little Paris Boutique.

Even boys can be modest and dress appropriately. His normal attire is typically jeans and a polo or shirt. I love the fact that he is learning from a young age to take care of how he looks, but also not to dress to impress. We dress in a way that is pleasing to God.


9 year old Mistic is dressed like 9 year olds should be! Don't get me started on how many 9, almost 10 year olds I see that are dressed in a very immodest manner. Modesty begins in the heart, but it STARTS AT HOME! Teach them!!! This is every day wear for her- church, grocery store, out to play! She has about 3 skirts that she loves, one of which is this thrift store denim skirt! While all the girls have been in skirts that have almost touched the floor it has strictly been by choice. We prefer at least mid-calf, but they do have a few that come just past their knees and, of course, some that are longer. This Hello Kitty shirt is a fave, too! Mistic has dressed up the look with some simple, age appropriate jewelry (and no makeup!). She, too, is wearing a fabulous hair flower from Little Paris Boutique.
Modest starts in the heart- true, but it begins in the home. Are we teaching our children- girls AND boys- how to truly dress modestly? It starts with us parents! My 9 year old doesn't need to dress inappropriately, but if she does it would be my fault, not hers. I won't have any say or control over my daughters when they are grown, but right now they are at the age to be taught!
Teach them HOW to dress and WHY they should dress that way! Teach them about modesty and the heart!
Teach them to dress pleasing to God.

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Gretchen said...

I love that you posted a beautiful series of pics of your family! I agree that plus size can be such a challenge! I have a hard time finding used plus size skirts that I don't have to remake with my sewing machine. You looked lovely!



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