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6 Ways To Keep The "Good" In Your Boy (R/G)

If you've been following me for any length of time, you'll know that topics such as modesty, keeping our kids from growing up too quickly, and purity are topics that I'm quite passionate about. I have three daughters and LOVED Dannah Gresh's book 6 Ways To Keep The "Little" In Your Girl. I was completely excited when I found out that she was coming out with a similar book, but for boys... When reading 6 Ways To Keep The "Little" In Your Girl I found it to be a fun, educational read. Maybe because I am a girl the concepts weren't daunting. Plus, many of Dannah's thoughts were already similar to my own thoughts.
I was simply not prepared to read her new book, 6 Ways To Keep The "Good" In Your Boy.
After all.... I am not a boy!
When I finished the book, however, I was praising God for women like Dannah and men like her husband, Bob, who piped in from time to time in the book. I walked away feeling a little more prepared to raise my son, but also with the huge realization over how much I needed God and my godly husband, Nick! The book is to prepare us, to prepare them.
For starters, Dannah makes it clear that everything in the book is just a generalization. It does not mean that your boy or my boy will fit everything she says. But it helps clue us moms in to the possibility.
Throughout the book, you will find various "Click Here" boxes. It's just Dannah's way of sharing great resources making the whole experience that much more beneficial for us moms!
"The foundation for the development of a good man of honor and integrity is actually built when he is a boy between the ages of 8-12." (Dannah Gresh, 6 Ways To Keep.....)
Don't worry, though, if you are a mom to younger (or older) boys! It's STILL a must read! My son is only 5 years old, but having read the book I feel a little less unprepared.
Moms (and dads), our boys are at risk of:
being emasculated
falling prey to our highly sexualized culture
losing their sense of responsibility in real world as they find a false sense of purpose in gaming
drowning in depressing- 5 times more likely than girls to commit suicide
Reading those words from the book hurt my heart.... I wanted to cry for our boys- our future men- and it gave me a renewed sense of purpose as a mom to a boy, as an aunt to boys, as a friend to moms of other boys. We MUST do something about this! I had never heard of the term "adultescent", but I know plenty of them. You may, too. The men who should be out holding jobs and leading in homes, but are instead playing the Playstation all day long, with no sense of purpose, leadership, honor, integrity, goodness! If we don't start teaching our boys when they are young, all the future men will be simply "adultescents".
As much scariness that there was reading her book- scary eye opening- there was a lot of encouragement, too. Helping us moms get an inside look at our boys. To truly, truly understand them. Encourages that beautiful parent-child connection because it helps them.
Chapter titles like "A Mom's Greatest Fear", "Why Connecting Matters", "How Connecting Forms Values" and "Unplug Him From A Plugged-In World" are filled with words for any moms heart. Words that will help as we venture into territory that females know nothing about. My favorite chapter, Chapter 5, talked about the phases of a boy.
The copycat phase is ages 2-5. This is the stage where your little boys learned moral values through imitation. This is right where my boy is at! EVERYTHING that Daddy does, Isaiah wants to copy. This stage is fundamental because it introduces the values.
The next phase, counseling phase, is from age 6-11. This is the most critical phase. Moral values are learned through "why". It's VERY interactive, and quite frankly, the one that seems to scare me the most. It's this way for little girls, too, if you've read Dannah's other book. This age moms, is where we get to REALLY connect and INSTILL those values that will LEAD THEM INTO MANHOOD!
The final phase is 12+, it's the coaching phase and where he will live out the morals he's developed.
Dannah throws out big words for us moms to learn: testosterone, dopamrel, body slamming, and more! Again- great help for the female mind to wrap around the male brain of her son.
It doesn't matter what kind of family you have- there are parts of the book geared towards the dad's, but also to the single moms.
This book was phenomenal and I want to get a copy into EVERY BOY MOMS HANDS! Our future depends on how our little men grow up and what they learn.
I realize now, after reading the book, that I'm going to have to start letting Isaiah be a little more adventurous as I stand (not too far, but not too close) praying for him.
Reading the book gave me a glimpse in the future and helped me realize how my role will change in the next few years.
I learned that simply teaching your son about values and morals aren't enough- they are bombarded with SO many things- aggressive girls, being told that they cause problems, pornography- that there is no way to get them through this without prayer... for me, for their fathers, for other strong godly men in their lives, and for them. (Oh, and keeping this book close by, too!)
I would LOVE to give you ALL a copy, please, please.... if you do not win this giveaway, PLEASE GO BUY THIS BOOK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! It's THAT good and THAT needed!

Ready for the giveaway? I'm giving away one (1) copy of 6 Ways To Keep The "Good" In Your Boy. All you have to do is enter in the Rafflecopter below. Open to US RESIDENTS ONLY (sorry!)!

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Anastacia Maness said...

I found your blog through Titus 2sdays' link up. Your review is very interesting and I plan to find and buy the book even if I don't win the raffle. Thanks for sharing!


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