Monday, April 8, 2013

Latest Happenings Around The Slowly Natural Home

It's been quiet around here and there are a few reasons why.
#1: It's been very spring-like around here and we've been soaking up every moment of it!

My kids typically only drink water, with the exception of the occasional glass of milk. Each kid has their own water bottle so there is no confusion as to which one is theirs. Plus, what kid doesn't like taking their bottle outside while they play?
Nothing beats eating lunch outside!
Exercise is a HUGE important factor- it's a cheap, easy way to be healthy and natural. Exercise has so many benefits and can be done in so many different ways. For us, family walks are great! Sometimes we walk around the dirt roads, other times we hit the track around the football field. The kids usually run ahead and it teaches them to be healthy!

It's totally be park weather, too! The track is right next to the park, so as a "reward" for walking with mom and dad, the kids get to go play!


Sometimes we just hang around in the back yard. Kids don't need lots of toys- mine are happy with empty buckets and old plastic jugs. Kids also don't need a lot of electronics. They need to be outside. They need to be playing in the dirt. They need to be dirty! It's truly the best thing we can ever give them. Lately, the kids have been trying to catch birds. The old fashion way. With a stick and a bucket. At one point, they were even digging holes and laying leaves over them thinking the bird would fall in and be trapped. When reminded that birds could fly, we were informed that they were digging the holes just big enough that the bird would be too squished to get out. My kids want a bird as a pet. When the bird thing got old, they moved to catching ants. Many times you would see them with one ant, their pet, in a jar, carrying it around the yard.
He was "weighing them" to see which was heavier. He had a string tied to each side and wanted to hang it over the wood.
Academically, we're still in it. We school year round and will easily go full force for another couple of months before taking a lighter load. That doesn't mean we have to be inside, though. Math facts go great on the trampoline. It's even killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. Health class + Math class!

Our family morning Bible time is very important to us (and should be to you and your family). We began reading through Proverbs for the month of March (you know, 31 days, 31 chapters). When we finished there, we moved to the book of Leviticus. Our children are growing in their relationship with God, we are parents are teaching them how important time with God is. We love passing truths on to the next generation. As a result, our fruit is being seen. On Easter Sunday, my second daughter accepted Jesus as her Savior! My oldest accepted Christ back in September.

#2: I've been spending more quality time with my family.
And with that, I have been spending less and less time on the computer. There is nothing wrong with blogging, Facebooking, or whatever else. I've been an active part of the internet since before my firstborn was conceived! I was active on all those "Trying To Conceive" and "Born In" message boards. I began my blog as a way to connect long distant family to our life. Over the years, my blog grew, my interests changed, and I have invested a lot of my time to the internet. I write from my heart about topics like modesty and eating better. I'm honest about my own journey. The reality is, my oldest daughter is about to turn 10 and I feel like I've "invested enough". I'm not saying goodbye (yet), but it is coming. I have a few more obligations before I could even officially consider ending my blogging days, but consider this fair warning. One day, Slowly Natural will be over. Not because my journey will have ended- I still have a LOT left to go on my natural journey, but because I'm done. I've felt it coming for a while.... and now this way it won't be a surprise.

 #3: I haven't really had much to write about!
Pretty good reason not to blog, huh? I'm in the middle of an EXCELLENT book (Before You Meet Prince Charming) which will have a review and giveaway.... and I have an upcoming swimsuit review. Other than that, I have nothing planned- unless God reveals something!
So, my friends, that's what has been happening around here!







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